Tacky Day

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Well, here at good old Christian High School students are partaking in a day that is truly one of my favorites. A day when people get to “express” themselves. A day that stands out from any other day like a bright orange shirt. This day is Tacky day. Yes that is right, a favorite pastime of mine, tackiness. Like a good old person joke or a dad joke, tackiness is something that is hard to come by, but very natural for many. So as I look at students that walk by me in the hall, I want to offer up some observations that I have made in the last couple of hours:

1) Tackiness defined by most high school and jr high students is this: “a bright mismatching outfit that does not make sense.” When students here tackiness they immediately revert to some sort of outfit that involves wearing shorts over jeans, wearing pajamas, wearing multiple bright colors, wearing something their parents own. And yet I ask the question, what is true tackiness?

2) As I left you with the cliff hanger from before (my last question). I would say that tackiness should be represented by an outfit that represents someone else. For example: my little sister dressed like me today, she said that I was tacky and so that was her outfit. Good for her, I will accept the punch in the gut in the name of tackiness. Another example: dressing like a hilbilly from the backwoods of good ole Kentucky (see Nate Johnson). Another example: wearing a basketball jersey three sizes too big for you, with a fake diamond earing and jean shorts that are really just old lady capri’s. You say cool, I say tacky. These are a start to the tackiness that could ensue. And yet, people find it necessary to miss the whole point of the day. And that is to make fun of people. What better way of bringing joy to your life than to get a laugh at another persons expense. Am I joking? You be the judge.

All in all, today is a good day. Tackiness is everywhere and I get to wear my favorite sweater. All in a days work for good ole Mr. Reed.

BTW: I have had several people ask me if I am trying to be tacky or just wearing my normal clothes? Good question, I like to keep people guessing.

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  • Brennan Loveless

    for one, i think you are wearing your real clothes.
    for two, i read and commented on your blog, but we really need to market ourselves so people actually read our blogs :) ….i feel like i’m writing a diary when i blog if no one reads my posts.

  • Kyle Reed

    I hear you, we need some fans

  • Anonymous

    Tacky is as tacky does! Dad

  • Anonymous

    I thought Kamrie looked familiar today!

  • Emily

    Ironic that in this picture your wearing the exact sweater you wore today?

    I personally think it’s hysterical.

  • Kyle Reed

    Emily, I have been saving that sweater for a day like yesterday. Ironic or not, I say I am saving money one tacky sweater at a time.
    Like I said, I love keeping people guessing.

  • Brad Nichols

    I’m with Brennan… I need some advertisement. How do we do that?

  • Anonymous

    Tacky day was fun. I saw it, from a distance.

    -The Nameless