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Round two of Must Reads from the Web for Wednesday. Let us know if you like this or are looking for more info in the comment section. We would greatly appreciate the comments to better Must Reads of the Web. For more info on Must Reads of the web click here

-Nathan Duvall
voices his frustration on the intersection of Christmas and consumerism.

-Danny J Bixby says maybe we should forgo turning our cell phones off in church and see what happens when we leave ’em on.

-A couple of notable bloggers are looking to start a church in the heart of Chicago. They need help raising money.

-John Saddington
shares a video of The First Decade of the 21st Century in 7 minutes.

-Ben Arments shared some poetry love from Anis Mojgani “Shake the Dust”

-North Point Community Church
is getting ready to release another live album. You can download a free track and check out the album here.

-Chris Ames
shared a link to a great site and that brings together developers and designers all wanting to build something together.

-Lots of us are looking to get into blogging, but it’s a process of trial and error. Darren at ProBlogger has some good tips for people that are just getting started.

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God With Us by Elevation Church
Today, and today only you can download Elevation Church’s new CD “God With Us” for free.
I have been listening to it for the last hour and am really enjoying it. And it is free….Bonus

God and download this great new CD from Elevation Church

I have talked about and its greatness. Well I have found something even better.
It is called GrooveShark. It allows you to stream just about any song for free straight to your computer, legally.
It is definitely worth checking out.

Check out GrooveShark Here

Leadership Killers
Matt McGill (you might know him from Simply Youth Ministry Podcast or Saddleback Church) did a series of post on leadership killers. This was a five part series that contains uber amounts of goodness.
Check them out and learn from a leader.

Killers, part 1 >>> Fear and Insecurity
Killers, part 2 >>> Zeal and Apathy
Killers, part 3 >>> History and Territory
Killers, part 4 >>> Arrogance and Incompetence
Killers, part 5 >>> Indulgence and Impurity

His blog is here
Original post here

Must Read
Tom McFarlin and I are starting up something new on Monday.
Much like resource of the day, we will be releasing resources, blog post, articles, websites, videos, music, or whatever else we find interesting on the web for you to check out. 3 days out of the week we will compile a list of resources that you can check out. Ones that we think are worth your time and energy to read.

The reason for this idea is two fold. The first reason, there is a ton of information out there, so much so that it can be pretty overwhelming. The sad thing is that some stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Now we all have our sites that we check everyday. But what about that blog post that is worth your time, or that resource that you did not know about? How are you to find that?
The second reason is that we know that you do not have time to sift through all of this info. You have stuff to do, people to see, and a job to work. This will be a great way for you to see some stuff that you might have missed and get a chance to check it out.

It will be very easy to see all of these resources listed.
It will be here on this blog ( that all of these resources will be listed.
You can find the link tweeted out that day from myself or Tom tweets.

So stay tuned, because Monday the must reads start.

Renee Johnson is doing some great things. What things you might ask?
Well lets see, she has written a book called The Faith book of Jesus. A devotional written for 20-somethings by a 20-something. Each devotional has a daily verse, commentary, prayer, and a quote from a real 20-something. (also go here and help her out by taking her survey).

She also blogs here sends out tweets here
She is working on a new project that is sure to give the twentysomethings a voice.

Check her out and say hello….

UBC (David Crowders Church in Waco) launched a great program called Christmas for Kenya.
Their church puts out a Christmas CD each year an in turn seeks donations that go to build wells in Kenya.

This is a great way to raise money and put out good Christmas music.
Check it out here