Tax Free=Spend a lot of Money

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I will be honest, I like to go and shop on Black Friday. I will be even more honest, usually I do not buy anything, I go to watch.
When tax free weekend hit Missouri this weekend, I figured it was time to grab my popcorn and do what I do best….watch. But this time I decided to participate.

Friday was a big day. I had been waiting for this day for about 4 years. Friday was the day I got my new macbook pro. Not only was this a big day for me, it was a big day for my entire family. Also making a big purchase on Friday was my sister, she got a 13in macbook pro for college. My dad got into the act by taking over my old macbook (and the autograph of David Crowder on the front RIP Dave). It was a pretty exciting time. But what led up to this event was the best part.

I have been without a job this summer (could you tell). Now being without a job provided me a lot of time to create, but did not allow me a lot of time to save. I was still getting paychecks from my old job, but that was all that was flowing into the bank. As the summer started to slip away my paychecks followed. Honestly, I was fretting about how I was going to pay for my new friend. I thought I got my last paycheck at the end of July, but I was wrong. I wish you could have hear my prayers. I was really on the fence as to what to do. A couple of days before d-day, I received my last check in the mail, it was awesome and a huge blessing. On top of all that, I got a couple of free lance jobs that helped a ton as well. I was set and would not be going into debt buying the mbp.

Lets just say that me and my new friend are becoming really good friends. Such good friends that we stayed up until 2am last night talking and working. Here is to four more years of fun and may you rest in piece old friend that was my macbook. I know my dad will take good care of you, I am just worried that you wont get any excercise, for that I apologize.

Did you make any purchases this weekend?
Did you people watch?


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  • Joshua Long

    Are you looking for a new job?

    • klreed

      Ya I am. I am in the process of talking to a couple of different places. You have an idea for me.