Thanksgiving Lesson’s

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Every once and a while you learn something new. That happened for me on Thanksgiving. My family and another family planned a thanksgiving gathering for the needy in the area. We probably passed out over 800 tickets. Only 40 people showed up. To say that this was not what we were expecting is an understatement. We had over 150 volunteers sign up, $1000 donated, and 27 turkeys cooked and pulled. Like any good event, we improvised and took the food to the city and fed about 200 more people there. The real lesson was not in how many people didn’t show up, it was in how many people showed up to serve.

People are eager to serve. I witnessed that with my own eyes. People are looking for a chance to serve and help. So much so that they will give up their thanksgiving day to help people they do not even know. I just wonder why it took me so long to realize this? On a day that we are giving thanks I was reminded of the thankful heart of serving one another with the love of Christ.

One question for you that I think is important to discuss and dialogue about…
If serving is a desire of our heart, what keeps people (us included) from serving?


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  • Brett Barner

    First off, let me just say that this is very cool how many showed up to serve and how much was donated. Also cool that you guys improvised to still pull off a successful outreach.

    One thing that stops me from serving is no one asks. I've said countless times, "Let me know when I can help." then someone will plan something on their own, never ask or tell anyone, and then complain that no enough people showed up to help. Pretty frustrating and common sense, but happens a lot.

    • Kyle Reed

      Great point, that is one of the big areas I think and I really did not think about that.
      I am kind of like that myself. Often times I would rather just get it done myself then mess with someone helping.
      But this is a big area that we could teach others and enable them with somewhere to serve.

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  • Peter_P

    Oooo, good question.

    I'm no authority on this but I see a lot of apathy, even from me. Sometimes it's like the event is not 'big' enough. I'd turn up on Thanksgiving day because it's a 'big' thing but turning up on a random Saturday is much less likely because I would allow life to get in the way.

    • Kyle Reed

      You are right on. Another thing that I am guilty of often.
      The bigger the event the better you look but the small events or "meaningless" task seem to have no glory to them so what is the point?
      Good perspective here.

  • Gary Reed

    Good point here son! I learned the same thing. It's not about what I expect or want. God's teaching us a new perspective about serving.