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There are things that strike me as weird. You know what I am talking about? Those little things that make you say, “that was weird.” Now usually these thoughts or ideas of something being weird come to me at weird moements (go figure). I have decided to start to record some of those weird moments ands see if you agree with me.
I know one thing, a lot of the time, the things that I find funny in my head or things that I find weird, are often not thought of in the same way as others. Usually I laugh to myself and then keep a running joke in my head, well it is leaving the head and onto the screen.

#1 The Was Weird…
Today at the youth service at church, the band was singing the song “Might to Save” by Hillsong. As everyone sang the chorus, “Savior, He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save. Forever, Author of salvation, HE rose and conquered the grave…”
Now the reason I have HE in bold is because I swear I heard the guy leading the music say, SHE rose and conquered the Grave, Jesus Conquered the Grave.” I started thinking in my head how weird it would be if God was referred to as a She and not a HE. Just a weird thought that was running through my head for the rest of the time. I thought about how funny it was that it sounded like the guy said “She conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave” and wondered if anyone else noticed. I am sure that no one did and if they did would not find it funny as I did.

I wonder, was that weird, or am I weird for thinking that was funny/weird?


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  • Nikomas

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like if our Savior’s name wasn’t Jesus…but maybe something more used today…like Ken or Jason.

    “Jason, lover of my soul. Jason I will never let you go!”

    It’ would be incredibly gay.

  • Mother Teresa

    My son, that is weird and funny at the same time. For the sake of comedy I really hope the singer said SHE.
    Another funny thing is that this past weekend, The Shack was brought up in conversation. In The Shack, God is portrayed as a woman or mother figure. I believe God transcends sex but yet he is always referred to as He or Father in the Bible.
    What do you think my son?