The Greatest Album of All Time

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I know its early in the year to already start the “greatest of” type post. But As I was listening to what I deem the greatest album (more on that later) of all time I started to wonder what others would say and if you have even thought about which album you would select.

What is the greatest album of all time?


U2 the Joshua Tree.

Plain and simple this is the greatest album of all time and has affected more musicians and albums today (notice the word today) then any other album. Most would argue that the Beatles have had the greatest affect on music and therefore have to be consider in this, but in my limited time on earth (24 years) this album has affected me and all music (especially worship music…ya I am looking at you Chris Tomlin and your dotted 8th notes) for the past 20 plus years. Released a year after my birth this album contains some of the greatest songs of all time as well.

Your turn

What is the greatest album of all time?


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  • Joshua Skogerboe

    You nailed it. I saw your tweet and immediately thought “Joshua Tree.” Great minds think alike, brother. :-) God bless, Kyle.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, this has to be the number 1.
      You definitely are cooler in my mind now Joshua :)

  • Michael

    I too have a limited time here (28 years) and I agree that it is high up on the list. But the one album that I’ve listened to the most is Nirvana’s Nevermind album. That would be my number one and the Joshua Tree #2.

    • David

      Nirvana = Top 5, but there’s no way it ranks above Joshua Tree.

    • Kyle Reed

      honestly, i do not think I have listened to that entire album.
      I missed the nirvana craze. I was on the tail end of it and actually think I started listening to them after kurt died

      • Michael

        The whole thing is brilliant.

  • Dustin

    To be honest, you can’t argue with that. The Joshua Tree is great from start to finish, every time you listen to it.

    As far as timeless albums… for me, I enjoy Oasis’ “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” again and again. Never gets old.

    • Kyle Reed

      Yes Oasis is a timeless band really, but that album is tremendous.

    • Michael

      That was a great album

  • David

    When I first saw your question on twitter, I immediately thought of U2’s Joshua Tree, but since that was your first choice, I’ll go ahead and submit another.

    Pearl Jam’s Ten

    • Kyle Reed

      its okay, we can both like the same album :)

  • Josh

    Dare I say…. “Thriller” :)

  • Julie Kolb

    So according to Rolling Stone Mag. Beatles takes #1 with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band..Actually, the Beatles take up the first 3 out of 5 spots..The other 2 are given to The Beaches Boys~ Pet Sounds and Bob Dylan~ Highway 61 Revisited..I actually own those albums and they are amazing, but I totally agree that for ‘today’ Joshua Tree…Then again, if you heard those albums as a kid, before you ever heard U2, you might lean more towards the Beatles or Beach Boys..I was a girl who grow up on Beach Boys music and it forever changed the way I see music, today…And, the huge music junkie I am, still goes to see Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson, all of whom are poets of music…Fun post..Thanks, Kyle!

    • Kyle Reed

      I agree, if I grew up in that time I am sure that the beatles would be number 1.

  • @realpb

    i hate it when you ask for ONE GREATEST something and people offer up more than one… ;)
    but unfortunately, that is what i’m gonna have to do… just can’t pick one.

    The Police – Synchronicity
    the apex of pop songs married with sophisticated, complex arrangements (not to mention Sting’s intellect)

    Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced
    the first person to ever melt faces with an electric guitar (in the modern rock sense)
    Legends like Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan all idolized Hendrix and would sound totally different if it wasn’t for his influence.

    Beatles – White Album (honorable mention)

    • Kyle Reed

      I am glad you weighed in Paul, you have some good taste. I love the Police, but the law enforcing police and the band police

  • kevin

    I wanted to argue with you on this, but I can’t. I think my number 2 would have to be Dave Matthews Band “Crash”. So good.

    • Kyle Reed

      I love me some DMB, but honestly only live DMB

  • Zac

    Radiohead – OK Computer by far the greatest album of all time. Nothing comes remotely close.

    P. S. U2 sucks :-P

    • Kyle Reed

      well in that case…you are dumb :) kidding kidding.

      Radiohead is my number 2 greatest band of all time, right behind U2

  • Sean Sabourin

    I have two…

    1) Pearl Jam | 10
    2) The Tragically Hip | Up To Here