The Little Things

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This is my 500th post. Pretty exciting I guess (sorry no giveaways though, to broke to give anything away). Over the past 6 years I have been blogging. All things considered I took a 3 year break and really started blogging consistently in August of 2009, but I have had Thoughts about Nothing* as a blog for 6 years. Over these last 6 years I have discovered the little things. In blogging, it is often more about the little things you do then the major big enormous gigantic things your do. The little things are what lead to the big things.

I hate doing the little things. I remember in high school hating going to the gym at 6am to work out. I loved the idea of being a good baseball player, but hated the work it took. The little things are just not fun. They are tedious, boring, and often seem very unimportant. The big things, they are gorgeous, they are shiny, and they draw me to want to only be concerned with them. That is the problem, the big things are great, but if you have to do the little things before the big things come. There were 499 post that came before the big 500th post. I had to do the little things before I ever got to the big thing. It seems that life is like that as well. Filled more with little opportunities then big opportunities.

Over this last month I have been reminded of the little things. This last month has been jammed packed with opportunities that have been 9 months in the making. All the way back to when I really got interested in blogging and social networking. There are days that i seriously wonder what I am doing. These are the days that depression sets in and excitement seems far away. The little things have almost led me to quit and find something else to do, but they have also led me to where I am today and what I get to do. The little things lead to big things.

I think that is what God has called us to do, be faithful with the little things and do not worry about the big things.

What about you…
Have you noticed a connection between doing the little things that led to the big things.

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  • kamrie

    I understand completely. I am going through one of those stages where everything is little and nothing is huge or nothing feels like a huge accomplishment.