The Lost Series Finale on Sunday

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Lost has been one of the best televisions shows for the pasts 4 years. Unfortunately it comes to an end on Sunday.
Tons of people are having Lost parties across the country. The problem is, I live in the midwest and you might live on the east coast or in Colorado. But I have a remedy to this problem.

What if we had a lost series finally party online?

There really is not what if, I have already set it up. The best part is that I am using a new service to do this. is a new service that I think will help with live events and I want to start using this service.

So on Sunday will you join me for an online lost party?
You can get the iPhone app or just use twitter to join the party.

More details here


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Kyle Reed

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  • shellie (baylormum)

    Downside to this is us West coasters! I don’t want spoilers. I know there will be some, but the thing about 140 char or less is they don’t always make sense when I read them! Sorry, Kyle, I’ll be 2 hours behind all night! Oh, well…..

    • Kyle Reed

      Good point. Well I guess you can join a couple hours after we have started.

  • Shelby

    … I have never seen an episode of Lost….

  • laura elizabeth

    Kyle! Let me know how that whole Lost party thing went. I’m really interested to know about the Hot Potato thing. Also, I’m only on Season 2 so if you spoil it…I’ll punch you. Eh, more like flick you. How’s that?

    • Kyle Reed

      Well, it didn’t work very well to be honest.
      The biggest problem was that you have to have an account on hotpotato to say anything. The service is a great idea, they just need to open it up to be able to comment without having an account. Maybe I will write a post about it all.