The Music Shuffle Game

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I love music. Enough to listen to it non-stop, play an instrument, and even start a blog about music.

It is natural to play a game with music.

Today I introduce to you Music Shuffle Roulette:

You probably cannot see it if you are reading this in goo reader. Come to see video here
It is going to be really hard for you to participate in this contest without watching the video above. But for those who cannot immediately you can participate by putting you’re (is that the right grammar use there with you’re?) music library on shuffle and share with us the readers in the comment section the first 3 songs that appear.

If you want to participate in the contest to win a $10 gift card to iTunes you can also guess the 3 songs that I played in the video as well as tweet this little contest to get others involved.

This is a fun little way to see the musical taste of the community. I cannot wait to see what everyone shares.

Read. Set. Shuffle


NOTE: You can use the little tweet button to the left to tweet this out as well as you can just tweet your own message and use this link

[EDIT: Winner of this little fun game is Josh]

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Shelby

    My first three:

    Rogue Machine- The Daylights <3 <3 <3 them they're touring with NeedToBreathe right now!
    Just for now -Imogen Heap
    Teardrops on my guitar -Taylor Swift

    (you're should be your)

    and your 3 songs were

    Shake it out, Manchester Orchestra
    Again, Jon Foreman
    Chop Em Down, Matishayu

    • Shelby

      and I was totally digging Pony Cop
      and i just did this in bio class. I feel guilty lol

    • Kyle Reed

      good stuff, well minus the taylor swift :)

      And thanks for the grammar help, I am terrible.

  • Dustin

    1. Manchester Orchestra – Shake it out
    2. Jon Foreman – Again
    3. Matisyahu – Chop em down
    Bonus: Civil Twilight – Anygbody out there

    Mine on my iPhone
    1. Marc Broussard – Saying I love you
    2. Taylor Swift – You belong to me (for my kids, I promise)
    3. Sons and Daughters – Your glory

    • Kyle Reed

      sure….for your kids. I say that all the time.

      And nice choice with sons and daughters.

      • Dustin

        …and you dont even have kids.

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  • Lexi MacKinnon

    My Random Shuffles…

    Mexico -James Taylor
    Don’t Quit Your Day Job- Pony Cop (my new fav band thanks to you Kyle!)
    I Don’t Want to Wait- Paula Cole

    • Kyle Reed

      Pony Cop FTW

  • Mark Tenney

    1. High Hopes by Pink Floyd from Pulse
    2. Unrestrained by Calvin Nowell from Worship Leader Magazine Song Discovery Vol. 60
    3. The Offering by Michael W. Smith from Freedom

    • Kyle Reed

      That seems to be a very eclectic mix of music

  • kevin

    My 3:

    Kings of Leon: The End
    Josh Groban: Ave Maria
    Ben Kilgore: Healing


    Shake it out: Manchester Orchestra
    Again: Jon Foreman
    Chop Em Down: Matisyahu
    Bonus – Anybody Out There: Civil Twilight

    bring it

    • Kyle Reed

      bring it…ha.

      Josh Groban? Seriously? Lost a little respect :)

      • kevin

        Dude. Josh Groban’s Christmas album (Noel) is legit. Kid might have the best pipes on the planet.

        • Dustin

          Mental picture.

          Kevin driving down the highway, doing this:

          Maybe, maybe…?

          • Kyle Reed

            actually that is Kevin singing in that video, its just that he is not in his car but at his desk

  • Benjamin

    Still of the Night – Whitesnake
    Killing the Blues – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
    Too Much – Sufjan Stevens

    • Kyle Reed

      that is a good sufjan song right there. Love his new album…you like it?

      • Benjamin

        Yes, it’s a great album. Different from his other albums, but i was pleasantly surprised. That random list showed my soft side. One of my fave new albums is Underoath’s Ø (Disambiguation) and Norma Jean’s Meridional.

        • Kyle Reed

          ya you are a little bit more hardcore then I am.

          But I think you might like the band the Felix Culpa. Check them out

  • Josh

    Your songs:

    Shake it out: Manchester Orchestra
    Again: Jon Foreman
    Chop Em Down: Matisyahu
    Bonus – Anybody Out There: Civil Twilight


    Pride(Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going): Thad Cockrell
    Shovel: Katie Herzig
    Mist: Atlantic Line

    • Kyle Reed

      love me some thad cockrell

  • Michael

    Rage Against The Machine-Bulls On Parade
    Switchfoot-Your Love Is A Song
    Underoath-Too Bright to see, Too Loud to hear

    • Kyle Reed

      yes yes and yes
      good stuff.

  • Josh

    Thanks so much! I’ve been jonesin’ for the new Taylor Swift record. Sike.

    • Kyle Reed

      okay if that is what you are going to buy with this I might have to rethink this prize :)

      • Josh

        If I was going to buy that I’d tell you to give it to someone else to spare me the anguish. :)