The Nines Recap

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Yesterday can be described as “nine minutes at a time.”
What a true blessing “The Nines” Leadership Conference was, or was it?

Here are some quotes that I took away with me yesterday:
“A movement of God cannot be planned but must be planned for” -Perry Noble
“Worry is temporary atheism”
“Big Ideas of Grow out of Big Failures”
“Ask yourself this…Am I hearing God, Am I willing to do whatever it takes to obey God with courage and faith”

These were just a couple of the thousands of words that were uttered yesterday. Each 9 minute video was packed with so much rich information that it left my head spinning.
As I was soaking all of this up, I started to wonder if it was all worth the price?
All these great leaders were sharing one thought that they wanted all leaders to know about. There were 70 different leaders sharing something that was very close to their heart. The struggle for me was that each thought was different and all the more challenging. It was so overwhelming that I was very tempted to give up on being a leader, to throw in the towel and become a UPS driver. I was overwhelmed with the idea that leadership is a ton of work.

Was it worth watching this conference yesterday? For me it was, what about for you? Did you feel overwhelmed like I did? How do you deal with this?

What was your favorite quotes for yesterday? Share them with the group and lets dialogue about the conference. Was it beneficial? Why? Why Not?


Missed the Nines Leadership Conference Check out the videos here

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Matt

    Don't be discouraged.. they all started small most likely and life changes when you become that well known.. enjoy the circle of influence God has given you now.. it too is a gift and should your influence expand you may never be able to enjoy what you have now again

    • klreed189

      That is true. We are all blessed to have this kind of access to great leaders and the ability to become "friends" over the web and pick their brain on some things. I also have to remind myself that I am 23 and they are all in their 30s. I am trying to slow down and let God teach me before I start to lead others. I am learning a ton from blogs and twitter and I do appreciate it.
      I just feel overwhelmed that I am not doing enough at times.
      Thanks for the encouraging words.

      • Kevin

        just got back from doing a weekend in Vegas working with the LV Rescue Mission and Dream Center to reach out to homeless, impoverished, and lost people…I learned more and God stretched me more in those 4 days than the 100s of blogs and sermons i've read and listened to over the last year…

        not saying you don't have much to learn through great leaders and twitter, i am saying it will be HOLLOW and you won't be able to lead well if you're just sitting on your computer in the land of ideas…get out of your parents basement and do life…doctrine and ideas are great, but not without investing in real, actual broken lives…

        you know i love you much…keep growing…

        • klreed

          Fair enough. I would much rather do ministry in the streets than sit here and learn about it on the computer.
          I think one thing I am noticing as a young guy is that I am not being enabled by other strong leaders to do this.
          Now I definitely understand the argument of the responsibility is mine, I can do something about, etc….
          I totally understand that and I am not sitting here trying to blame my lack of service on someone else.
          What i am saying is that I feel like it is the hardest thing in the world to find someone who is leading and leading well to mentor you and lead you.
          It is almost like they would much rather refer you to their coaching network or website or twitter to mentor you and not work with you. I want to get my hands dirty (and I am by serving others at church and supporting a couple of different ministries), but I want to know how to get my hands dirty in the right way and learn from others.
          If that all makes sense.