The Potential Of Social Cam

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

The new app released from called SocialCam is filled with so much potential that it could be the next Instagram.

Here is the crazy thing, Instagram launched approximately 6 months ago and has taken over the picturing sharing market on twitter. 6 Months people, that is craziness. I read a tweet today proclaiming that it could be the next facebook.

SocialCam could be the next big thing or it could be as big as Path (if you do not know what Path is then you just proved my point, and if you do you understand what I am talking about).

No matter what the future holds I have some ideas as to the potential of SocialCam:

1. Video Blogging In 14o Characters

Twitter is teaching the rules on straight and to the point. You have to have that elevator pitch, 140 character idea type mindset right now to stand out above the noise. Videos are slowly starting to follow this idea, but they are still a bit behind. I will be honest with you, I stop watching videos after about a minute. I do not know why, I get bored, distracted, or just plain do not care. Figuring out a way to shorten videos down to be precise and to the point but also entertaining could be huge. I think SocialCam could help with that process. Forcing to get behind the 140 characters or less idea, you could follow the 1:40 time or less and video blog away.

2. Capture Moments With Friends

A cool feature that SocialCam sports is the ability to tag friends. Much like facebook picture tagging, this is the ability to shoot a video with some friends and then tagging them so they know it has been posted as well as putting it into their profile. I will be honest with you, I have uploaded 1 photo to facebook, 99% of all photos I have on facebook are because someone tagged me. It makes my life a lot easier.

3. See What Others Are Doing

This has to be the obvious “duh” moment. But in all reality this gives another way to stay connected with friends, family, and other professionals in your field. I have seen several worship leaders adapt to this new app and use it to review their services, set-list, and what they have going on at their church. I think this app will be a great way to continue to niche out your community and stay connected to others who are doing the exact same things you are. It provides context for what they are talking about by being able to see their surroundings, environment and even their faces.

The potential of SocialCam is undefined and undetermined. But I think it is trending up and with the speed that Instagram went from being a little picture app sharing service to a way of life for many, SocialCam could be the “next big thing”.

I would love to hear what you think about all of this. I know I am constantly trying to find new ways to communicate and stay in touch.

Do you see this service taking off?
What are some ways you would use it?
What would make you get the app?
What videos would you like to watch?


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  • @realpb

    i was an early user and avid supporter of “12 Seconds” – anybody remember that? same concept. 12 seconds of video max. easy communities (better than socialcam in that sense) and super easy to use.
    Died after thriving for a year or so (i say thrive in terms of some of the smaller communities that i saw first hand)
    Maybe it was just ahead of its time.
    Or maybe Socialcam’s execution is better. (quicker to upload? though i don’t notice a HUGE difference)

    i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that people are (still) not into video as a quick/dirty means of communication.
    Not enough people to build critical mass.

    • Kyle Reed

      Agreed on a lot of fronts. I do think and remember the 12 seconds video thing. I had a friend that would do them, they would take forever to load and had a terrible interface. I think that is where socialcam is different, it has a quick upload time and has a nice UI

      But the biggest thing that I continue to wonder is how will people feel about being in front of a camera? I do think (and am betting a lot on it) that video is the future and so I am trying to get in the game.

  • Tyler

    I read somewhere that within 3 years, 80% of the internet will be video based. On that stat alone I’d say social cam has a good chance at being big.

    • @realpb

      don’t know where you read that but 3 years is a LONG time. potentially 3 lifetimes for a startup ;)

      • @realpb

        oops. WHEN, not where.

      • Tyler

        Can’t remember where I read it to be honest. Just a short article on how much of the internet is picture based but is moving towards video based. I think they said 10% is video based right now, a jump to 80% would be a huge jump even in 3 years.

    • Kyle Reed

      wow that wouldn’t surprise me and I agree with Paul, 3 years seems to be a long way off, at least for a start up. But it would not surprise me if this is how we saw the interwebs.

  • Graham

    I’ll probably dive into it once my iPad 2 arrives ;)