The Power of Good

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

In case you haven’t heard Gungor (formely know as the Michael Gungor Band) have taken over the christian blogosphere and the ears of all listeners that enjoy good music. Their new CD entitled Beautiful Things was released on February 16, 2010 and has quickly spread to everyone.

There are several great post out there about Gungor’s new CD and would love for you to read them.
Check out Tyler Brauns post and Grant Jenkins post for some great reviews and info about the CD.

There is one thing that stands out to me the most about this CD and that is the rate at which it has gained momentum. The Michael Gungor band has been around for a little while. They have recorded 3 CD’s before their most recent work, and have made the circuit around the United States playing shows and conferences. Yet most people had never really heard of this band before. That was until they released their most recent work, and twitter and blogs got a hold of it all.

It is amazing how fast things spread. Ideas, videos, music, and books seem to have enough fire power to last for months. Their gasoline, well that is provided by bloggers and twitters such as myself and maybe even you. See we all like stuff that is good. Stuff that not only has a lot of hype but also delivers in content. I have learned a couple of things about momentum, and one thing that I continue to understand is that hype is not the only thing that is needed. I use to think that if we just hyped up church services enough people would come. Or if the event was big enough and it got the word out then people would want to come. What I have seen is that hype is overrated. It is hard to deliver and often leaves people very disappointed. But, when an idea, song, book, movie, thought, or picture has hype and is good, it is destined to take off.

I call this the power of good. Something that is good will stand on its own, put some hype and attention behind it and it can spread. Inside the power of good there needs to be hype but also something to be able to talk about. The lack of one of these important elements brings failure.

What is something that was really hyped and yet very good?


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  • Zac Cross

    Sidney Crosby. He gives 100% every game and basically lives and breathes hockey. The haters (heres looking at you Detroit, Philly and Washington) try to minimize what he has accomplished, but in the end Crosby > Ovechkin.

    • @kylelreed

      Zac, I am a huge hockey guy myself. And I would totally agree with you. Alex the Great is the best player in hockey, but I think Crosby is a better player because he is a better leader. He had a ton of hype and delivered with skill and leadership. He is very good.

      Also I think of Lebron James. I thought for sure that he was going to fail miserable. There was so much hype around him that I thought there was no way that he was going to deliver. But he definitely has.

      Good point.

      • Brett Barner

        Yep, you just stole my Lebron James suggestion. I'm a big Cavs fan, so they're always towards the front of my mind. Crazy how mature he's handled himself when so many like him crushed under the pressure *ahem* Darius Miles, Kwame Brown, Ryan Leaf,….

  • Tyler Braun

    The Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team…….oh wait.

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  • matthewerxleben

    I would say there was an element of hype in the Olympics that people lived up to. I use Ohno and Shawn White as examples. Everyone knew they were great and that hype put a lot of pressure on them. Yet they lived up to it. They didn't really have much to gain but had a lot to lose.

  • Grant Jenkins

    Great post, dude! Influence is a powerful thing, especially when you plug it into the social/viral media space. The power of good. I like it. And thank you for the shout-out, brother!

    • @kylelreed

      No problem man, good stuff. Thanks for stopping in.

  • randykinnick

    Great point about the “power of good.” You are right…all the hype in the world will quickly fall short if there is no substance. Even a church, after a while, will become stagnant or ineffective in eternal matters if there is no substance. I love the concept, “The Power of Good.” Thanks for making the point.