The Problem With Twitter Avatars

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

If Content is King then your face is the prince.

Doesn’t really have a catchy ring to it, but do not underestimate the value of people seeing your face. In a fast paced society, news happens every second of everyday. And for that news to remain relevant it has to fight hard to stay at the top. In the twitter world, information travels at the speed of a refresh and often has a shelf life of about 2 minutes.

So how does your content become King of the world? It has to have a face behind it.

Let’s talk a little bit more about twitter avatars:


What is your strategy for following your twitter stream?



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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Matthew Snider

    Good stuff brother, I agree. I was thinking maybe the twin brother of the king rather than the prince though.

    • Kyle Reed

      you said it much better then I did.

      It is funny that you weighed in on this, I was hoping you would.
      Because I know you use your companies logo (I think) as your avatar and wanted to see what you thought.
      It took me a bit to figure out it was you and not someone or something else.

      Are you using it for branding purposes?

  • Adam

    Great info Kyle. I have a list for the people I check in on the most, but I do scroll the feed and the pictures are the quickest way for me to notice people.
    Tight now I am using the 8-Bit generated picture, and should probably put it back to my real picture since there are so many of those out there now…

    • Kyle Reed

      yes you should. I wrote this to you on twitter, but I will say it again…I literally had to check if I was following adam tucker on twitter, then I realized it was Adam and I am an idiot. But it was literally the 8-bit generated picture that threw me off.

      • Adam

        I have changed it. What you said makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

  • Jonathan Pearson

    I use lists. I have a couple private and public ones. Within those, though, I look at avatars. I couldn’t agree more with you. Faces help a lot with the conversation and connection… it’s hard to connect with an egg picture or a random photo. I guess the individual’s goal for tweeting comes into play too. If their goal is simply having fun and they don’t care about connections or influence, then it’s a different game. Good stuff here bro!

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly, and really that is no the biggest of deals.
      But if someone changes the avatar I am in trouble. It takes me a day or two to adjust

  • Graham

    I agree with you. That’s why I haven’t changed my avatar for awhile. I found a picture of me that is pretty timeless… Building a “personal” (not logo based) brand.

    • Kyle Reed

      yup, and everyone knows that is you. Almost like your calling card

      • Graham

        Exactly. Although sometimes I think I look a bit orange. I am not a member of the jersey shore. Haha

  • dustin

    Lists… a few private ones, and 1 or 2 public ones. Helps me keep my sanity for sure.

    • Kyle Reed

      I need to do that :)

  • Meg

    I’m with you on this one. It seems that so many people I follow on twitter have recently changed to an animated picture of themselves, and it really throws of my zen (whatever that means…but I do seem to use that phrase a lot, lol). As for lists, I don’t use them. I’ve never really seen the point.

  • Jordan Watson

    Hey man,

    Enjoyed this post. I too skim my stream by avatar. Also, by name. Occasionally something new will catch my eye. Here’s something to consider… Why am I following the people I constantly skip over and I’m willing to bet probably skip over me. Thinking about unfollowing some people today. Not as a judgement but for the sake of connection and less noise. Thanks for the post.

  • alece

    the avatars that are really bugging me right now are the 8-bit “digitized” ones. ugh. they drive me nuts!

    • alece

      oh… and i use lists, but they are all private. i honestly just don’t want the drama of people knowing who is (or isn’t) on my “friends” list. but it’s helpful when i only have a few minutes to catch up on twitter — that way i can quickly and easily skim the tweets from those i really don’t want to miss.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes yes they are.

      Ya I need to get on that list making thing. I am sure it would save me some time as well.