The Response

Kyle Reed // @kylereed
You can imagine the response is pretty crazy to this video. What amazes me the most about this video is how people are responding. It seems that people are more concerned with attaching each other over who is right and who is wrong instead of getting back to the devastation and the fact that no matter how it happened people are suffering and dying.
What do you think?

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Kyle Reed

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  • Andy Unnerstall

    That was the first time I have actually seen the video, and I have to say I'm not quite as upset about it as I was. It may have been an idiotic thing to say, but at least he is still trying to get people to help. The thing that really gets me is the timing of it. I like the comparison Donald Miller made to criticizing someone in their eulogy. Even if he believes that to be true (even if it is true) this is not the time and place for that kind of commentary. I put it right up there with the “God Hates Fags” church showing up at military funerals. It is self-serving, non-compassionate, and directly opposite to our mission to spread God's grace.

    • @kylelreed

      Totally agree, that is a good connection there between the two.

  • jaycaruso

    Everybody getting hung up on what Pat Robertson said is the reason why I don't watch cable news anymore. There's more than enough news and information on the web that I can just read about and not have to worry about it going through the filters of whatever reporter or talking head is on CNN, FOX or MSNBC at the time.

    Here's a question to ask: What does complaining about what Pat Roberton said do for anybody in Haiti?

    • @kylelreed

      Which I completely agree with your question Jay.
      That is why I tweeted this morning about how people are more caught up in arguing over the fact if pat robertson was right or wrong then giving aid to haiti, its what we do.

      Everyone loves a good controversy, including myself, but there does need to be a response to both. I think the main reason I posted this was to give multiple points and views to this developing story.

  • JenniClayville

    EXACTLY! who cares what one man says? this is bigger than pat robertson… the main question is: WHAT AM I DOING TO HELP A FELLOW HUMAN?

    • @kylelreed

      Correct, great questions.
      To be honest though, I would rather worry about what Pat Robertson said then help a fellow human in need. Provides me with a lot more safety.
      Just being honest, and I am working on this as well.

      • JenniClayville

        i love your honesty. i think we ALL struggle with that (hence this conversation in the first place, right?) but every day, hour, minute, second is a moment we can change the direction we were headed to remedy toward what God desires for us.

        i have to redirect myself a million times a day.

  • stephenbateman

    While there may be spiritual ramifications to whatever incident he is alluding too, Robertson proves that he is about as insensitive to hurting people as possible. His timing is terrible. But, on the other hand…Up till this point I haven't cared a lick about the people of Haiti, maybe this'll spark some positive investigation in me.