The Story of Your Bio and Avatar

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I know you by your face, at least the face I see on twitter.

I get use to seeing the same avatars everyday and when they change it takes me a while to make the mental switch as to who you are.

But as I look at everyones avatars and even check out their bios to find out more, I am always curious as to what the back story is of everyones bio and avatar?

So I want to know, what is the story behind your bio and avatar?

Anything funny that we would not know about when the picture was taken? How much do you actually resemble your avatar? How much time did you spend on your bio? Does it accurately describe you? Do you feel its important to include everything you do so people will be interested in you?

Lets hear the details people.

I will start us all off here.

As you can see I have put my location as Nashville/St. Louis/Australia. I currently live in Nashville, grew up in St. Louis and thought I would throw everyone off by saying Australia. Do not really know what was going through my head at the time I posted that, but I thought it would be funny to just say Australia. Makes me look like a world travelor or something like that.

My bio simply says this:

I help bands connect with fans through social media. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack.

I use to role with a great line from the greatest band in the world U2 that said this

Just give me 3 chords and the truth

At the time I decided to make that my bio I was tired of reading all these fake bios that people constructed to make themselves important. I was ready to just get the truth and so that became my bio. I have now gone back to a more “traditional” way of telling you what I do. But I also want to make it a little fun and let you know that I do indeed drink my coffee black (actually I have never drank it any other way, first cup of coffee was a black cup of Folgers coffee, I grew 3 chest hairs that day). I also want you to know that I love my dog Jack. I am not a dog person, but my dog Jack is the absolute greatest. In fact, he is on my Christmas card this year (keep your eyes open for that). And if you notice…it rhymes. Pretty clever, I know.

My picture or avatar is a whole other story. I took that pic in the technical booth at Cross Point here in Nashville about a month ago. At the time I was watching Sunday night football and saw those glasses on the desk and decided to snap a pic. Here is the original picture below:

I feel like Lady Gaga in this photo.

Well, now you have the full picture. Now it is your turn to share with us the story of your bio and avatar.


and if you need help coming up with a better check out a post Randy Elrod wrote about crafting a “twitpitch”

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Kyle Reed

Posts Twitter

I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Shelby

    I had no idea what my bio was I had to go look it up…
    it says “I’m still a kid trying to grow up. I’m loud and silly and I adore my friends”

    I don’t remember when i wrote it, but i think its still true I am turning 20 in a few months but I still feel like a kid most of the time, a lot of mornings I wake up surpised I’m in my sophomore year of college and I still don’t feel like a real adult (i mean i sleep with 6 blankets, 3 pillows, a huge stuffed dog, and a pillow pet). The loud and silly are a given, its what i’m known for a lot. Being the loud silly person, I guess it means I like being the center of attention. And though the friends have changed since I wrote that I still do adore my friends, I’ve never had much of a family so my friends have always kept me going…

    And my twitter pic is from a photo shoot my photogropher friend did, nothing funny behind it besides I was not wearing my glasses so i was pretty much blind, and I was FREEZING cause it was the middle of winter and I was barefoot in an alley… and I ran into my ex boyfriend that day, I think he realized the hottness he was missing out on (just kidding).

    On blogs my gravatar is a picture of me and the cutest 4 year old in the entire world. That little girl stole my heart a year ago and she means the world to me. <3

  • Jemiwa

    Okay this is a snapshot of mine:

    The bio: “Avid reader, total computer geek, Microsoft Recruiting Coordinator, would-be writer & blogger. It’s all about Jesus.” It’s really just a few words & phrases that describe what I do, how I see myself. I’m constantly reading; have been on computers since age 2 and into internet culture as far back as I can remember having access; I work for Microsoft in their recruiting department & I happen to love my job, crazy – I know; I wouldn’t call myself a writer of professional caliber but I love to write – hence the blog. And really, none of that matters because when it comes down to it – my life is about Jesus. And eventually, I’d like for people not to know the rest – just to see His glory & mercy & forgiveness as shown in my life.

    The photo: I took it with my cell phone a few weeks ago. I look exactly like that, except my hair is usually straight like this:

    I know a lot of people want to sell themselves with their photo & their tagline. But for me… it’s more about being authentic, honest & transparent. That’s what I look like – this is who I am – and this is what I like. I think my blog and my tweets convey that. I’m comfortable with being me, and that’s an eventual goal for all of us – isn’t it?

  • shellie (baylormum)

    Like Shelby, I had to look my bio up! “Christian, wife, mom (of a 20-something), pharmacist”. My gravatar avatar was a pic taken this past summer taking my 20-something to the airport to fly back to Austin. My twitter avatar is from “paper me” that @machroi actually drew & cut-out like a paper doll. Has the state of TX on it (even though I live in WA now) and my glasses are wireless now, not rimmed.

    I love your pic in color! But, you really need to fix your hair if you are going claim a Lady Gaga thing!

  • Brent

    great post, I love the first two lines. I’ve found myself looking through twitter and wondering who in the world someone is and it takes me a minute to realize that it’s someone I’ve been following for a year, they just changed avatars.

    My avatar was a self portrait with a DSLR while I was working at a radio station. I think I was reading the weather forecast when I took that.

    I just updated my twitter bio last night after reading the article about a “twitpitch”, it still needs some tweaking but for now it is: “I’m a Tech guy who helps share God’s love through audio, lighting, video and IT.”

  • anna

    I was wondering about the australia thing!

    Here’s what’s up with mine: my avatar is an illustration of Jesus in black and yellow with the phrase “Jesus was a hufflepuff”. At first glance this seems a little sacriligious, until you really look into the world of harry potter and see that hufflepuffs are described as being motivated to love, fairness, justice, friendship, and looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves. All things that we’re called to be as christians. Obviously I’m also a diehard harry potter fan.

    As for my bio, it says: she sets forth her mind to unknown arts and changes the laws of nature. It’s a line from metamorphoses by ovid, and it takes place when dedalus is fashioning wings of feathers and wax so he and his son -carus can fly to freedom. The line speaks to me in a lot of different ways, from the perspective of my identity as an artist/writer to its context and the message of dreaming big and throwing caution to the wind. I have the line tattooed on my back in latin as well.

  • Jenny

    I took my picture at work. I think i was feeling pretty crappy that day and was in sweats, just messing with the kids and when it was taken, i just felt like it looked like me. I mean it’s not the most flattering picture and captures all my flaws: chubby cheeks, squinty eyes, crazy hair, crooked glasses, and a big mid-laugh look on my face. I knew it was a keeper when a good friend got excited when she saw it, it just captures my personality well. I’m nuts.

    As for the bio: I changed it one day when i saw the “fakeness” of my old one. I’m me. This one says “Girl meets the current state of the church. Girl rebels. Girl finds joy instead of bitterness. Girl lives to tell the story.” I feel like it tells my story. I am a girl. I met the church and it saddened me, broke my heart and in turn made me want to break things. I still feel that way but the drive of bitterness was replaced with a joy to see things changed, and my purpose is to tell the story. Idk. Lame but true.

    I like how you drank your first cup of coffee black. I started doing it black pretty young just to be “cool” but as i got older i realized how repulsive it is otherwise. Besides i like that stupid airplane quote to drink it any other way. Speaking of the airplane quote Don’t worry, i don’t say that when i order coffee- though sometimes IM SO TEMPTED.

  • Laura Elizabeth

    BLAAAARGH! Now I need to change mine. :) Way to make me feel like a loser. *wink*

    • Laura Anne

      My bio: “20-something, youth worker, pregnancy resource centre manager, blogger…but just a wee lassie fae Leith really!”

      I guess because that’s the simple labels to explain what it is I am and do – but really – I’m just an ordinary (slightly on the short side) woman from a part of Edinburgh that is famous for it’s red light district, deprived areas and drugs. So nobody expects much from me if you base it on the postcode I grew up in.

      As for the avatar – it was created by my twitter friend, Diane Goodwin (@machroi) as she started doing ‘paper-me avis’ for any of her friends if we donated to a non-profit called Stand Out International who are trying to tackle child sex exploitation (a cause near to my heart after being in South Africa last summer, and in general growing up where I grew up). I love that she has me in jeans, and my shirt has a kind of rockstar version of ‘Elmo’ (lots of my blog & twitter followers will have seen pictures of our pregnancy centre mascots – the Elmo slippers) and holding a cupcake (which I’m known for creating new cupcake recipes!)

  • Michael

    My bio says: Follower of Christ. Associate Pastor. Wannabe writer. Wannabe poet.

    I think it’s kinda lame and have been trying to come up with something better.

    My pic was taken the other day at work. I ran it through instagram to filter it. I then scribbled the background out with paint. I’m not sure why I did it. I thought it looked different so I went for it.

  • brett barner

    My bio: “Writer, thinker, gentle warrior.”

    I’m horrible at writing bios and about pages. This was the best I could describe myself in four words. :)

    Avatar was taken as a joke. It was my “thinking face”. But I thought it looked like a good avatar pic. The background was weird, so I got rid of it in photoshop. lol

  • Lex

    I’ve wondered about the glasses in your pic. I thought they were 3D glasses, but they look too shiny. :)

    I think my bio just says, “revolutionary,” ’cause every social networking site wants a short bio and I never wanted to come up with something descriptive yet clever, serious but with whit, etc. I’m not the revolutionary that I want to be, but Holy Spirit’s working on me and I’m trying not to be impatient.

    My avatar is Photobooth. I had been trying to take a picture for a charity:water campaign. I was at my favorite small table, next to a skinny window, at Panera. :) Like I said: Not the revolutionary that I want to be.