The System Is Broke

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

There is definitely something wrong here. The system of college and the debt that is incurred is broken…the system is broken.

I wonder this. If you could take all the money you spent on college and use it in a different way, what would you do?

Check out this infograph on the cost of college:

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Brandon

    Just the cost of books is ridiculous. I’m thankful I get mine for free!

    • Kyle Reed

      I had free books for 2 semesters, it was awesome.

      Yes you would think that ebooks would make an appearance but I almost feel like schools and publishers have an agreement to never go that direction.

  • JG

    I can’t believe how much college tuition is going up. I’m just about to start working on my Master’s degree and am gonna have to take out more loans to cover tuition. Sometimes I don’t think it’s worth it but I guess in some ways it is.

    • Kyle Reed

      Yup, that is the battle. Is it worth the money and what exactly are you getting?

      That is such a tough question.
      I know for myself I have been thinking about doing the same, but do not have the money right now. It is tough

  • David Santistevan

    If I could take all that money back, I’d probably invest it into starting my own business or something. When I went to college I had the mindset that I needed a degree to make something of my life. In some cases that is true but what’s more important is being a lifelong learner and having a strong work ethic. College was great, but I’m not sure it’s worth the insane money. So, yea :)

    Thanks for the comment on the blog. Just subscribed to yours.

    • Kyle Reed

      awesome man. And no problem. Looking forward to reading more.

      I am the same way. I would love to take that money and use it in a different way. Traveling, business stuff, savings, I don’t know. Just something different then what I did with it. Hard to not feel like it was a waste.

  • Adam

    My son is 2 right now and as I keep seeing tuition rise I keep hoping he is able to get a scholarship of some kind….

    If I could have all of the money I spent on college to use another way I would have liked to start some kind of business…

    • Kyle Reed

      I know man, i feel you on that. Something has to change.

  • MainlineMom aka Sarah

    The system is broke and taking out loans for degrees is just not worth it anymore. I know so many lawyers who are either desperately looking for jobs to pay their crazy debt or stuck working long hours for big firms they hate because of their debt. I am so grateful I was able to go to engineering school on a full scholarship…grateful I chose a top notch state school over a pricey Ivy League degree. I’ve started socking away money for my kids’ college but no matter what happens I won’t let them take out loans for private college.

    • Kyle Reed

      it is crazy really and sad at the same time.
      I also think it goes to show that it does not matter where your degree is from more in the way of what you can do with it.

  • Graham

    Man… Seriously. This is totally depressing. I’m thankful I have a job but I don’t make s much as the average for college graduates according to this study.

    • Kyle Reed


  • Jenny

    I’m so grateful for my parents, i will be graduating debt free. however, will my degree go to waste? Most likely. I mean, ill use it to get into a grad school but that’s about it… and grad school is something im waiting for to make sure i REALLY need it.

    The other night i was sitting around with some friends all about my age. 2 of them go to a major Texas university, another goes to an Ivy, and one of them didn’t finish community college. The one who didn’t finish community college is working a good job, making good money and is selling cutting edge eco friendly solar panels and solar windows. The rest of use, even the Ivy League child have no idea what we’re going to do in a year. We all felt as if our college experience was somewhat worthless, other than the fun we had. I consider all of us pretty brilliant, socially conscious people from successful families… but all of us HAVE NO IDEA what we are going to do with our degrees as our friend that didn’t go to college is wildly successful, has no debt, and keeps on getting promoted in a company that’s here to stay. We could of used the money to fight against poverty, travel, start up a magazine, start companies, perfect out artistic skills… but no, we spent our money in school while putting our dreams and desires, and crafts on the back burners. Something has to give.

    • Kyle Reed

      i think the biggest thing on this is that most people feel like the next step is college or ivy league schooling or whatever. It is like that is the meal ticket. When clearly we are seeing others do it differently

  • Brent

    knowing what I know now, I would love to spend the money on other things but I am not sure I would be who I am or where I am had I not spent that money on college. the money doesn’t seem worth it but I would probably not have realized what I was called to do if I hadn’t gone to college intending to go into youth ministry. during college I realized being a youth pastor is not for me, I’m called to serve the church through technology(specifically lighting and audio). I would love to have the money I spent on college to go to trade shows, training conferences, technical certifications, and not having to pay a huge check every month on my loans but I don’t think I would be where I am or as happy as I am without the experiences I had in college.

    • Kyle Reed

      I am somewhat in agreement. I know that the money I spent on school was worth the experience and the friends, but I wonder if I take that money and invest it in something different that I would not have experienced that stuff anyways?

  • ThatGuyKC

    Whatever, I want because I’d be debt free.
    College loans really grind my gears.