The Urge

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Have you ever had the urge? I don’t know what urge you might be thinking about, but I am talking about the urge to just punch someone in the face. Throughout the last 2 weeks I have had this urge to just punch this kid. I have tried everything, from talking and confronting, to killing him with kindness. Nothing is working. This kid just has these constant outbreaks of anger that I don’t understand. The problem is they are always at me. I think a problem is, is that he looks at me and thinks that he can intimidate me and control me. I have tried to really work with him but he has just pushed my buttons. Our latest instance was on saturday. Me, him, and my roommate ref flag football for little kids on Saturday. We have three games and we all split them up. So I was asking if I could do the first two games because I wanted to go back to my room and watch the cardinals lose. When I proposed this idea he went crazy on me. Telling me he wanted to hit me he was so mad. He said I was very selfish because he has not missed a week and that he deserves a break. I missed the first week, but since then I have gone to every week after that for three weeks. So we have all done equal amount of games. Well next week I am going to go home for fall break and I have a meeting that I have to go to on Saturday. So when I told him this he went even more crazy and again pursued to call me selfish. I told him that if he was in this situation I would help him out and he will be here because of basketball practice on Saturday morning and he gets to make so more money. He continued to argue with me even after the people that were around told him that I was right and that he was selfish himself. I am really getting tired of this kid and it might come down to me having to move out of a good room because of this kids constant nagging me. MY dad told me I should just deck him and kick the snot out of him. The only problem with that is I think I would get kicked out of school.

So because of these problems I have decided that I am going to start a posse, I have decided to start with my invitation to Adam Hughes,I don’t mean to say that he is under my authority, I am just extending the invitation of a chance to live out his dream of UFC. So I have started to with a good core and if John”the John” Tishcer was in town he would be my next invitation.

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • kelsey

    Haha Kyle. Hope that posse thing works out for you. Best of luck. :)

  • Andrew Stout

    Kyle, you should give Slyman a call if you’re starting up a posse.

  • the superstar

    if you lived in the hole, you would’ve fought already. Somebody would have called out, “take it to the ring!” That’s the only room in the building with no windows…and is about 8’x8′

  • peters_r_d

    Ok, sounds like this kid is an actual faggot. Josh Hanson says, ” actually punch him in the face” or maybe threaten him with a ridiculous comment such as, ” I’ll actually stick a knife in your right testicle.” I say just prank him into humiliation. Thats what we do to Nick Crum.

  • tush

    Ryan – Nick will break, and then proceed to pummel you and Josh, you just wait.

    Kyle – I would accept you invitation if I was around, every once in a while I get in one of those “guy” moods where you just want to get in a fight. Besides no one can block my “five finger slap” technique.

  • peters_r_d

    Tishcer, I’ll probably “five f inger slap” you in the nose. Then I’ll set Nick Crum’s room on fire. (ok… maybe not…)

  • Jess

    I hope things get better with this kid in some way that doesn’t involve violence, but if forming a posse (or as Joy would pronounce it, po-zay) is the only thing that will work, then so be it. :) Have an awesome Fall Break.

    P.S. from Joy: You were definitely the hottest ref at the football game today!!! :) Hehe, you know you love me Kyle!

  • Andrew Stout

    Yeah Kyle, you’re a hottie. giggle giggle

  • Adam

    Geez comes out and calls you selfish. Wow that kid has got some balls. There was a kid that was annoying like that at LCC. I about gave him the 5 finger slap.

    Though I did get in his face, and he never said anything else.

    You might get kicked out but you will be able to come back in a couple of days, schedule it around tests j/k. And the superstar is right.