The Worst Day in Sports History

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Yesterday could have been the worst day in sports history.
Last night the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and for about five seconds no one even knew they won. In overtime, the under-performing star Patrick Kane scored the game winning goal when he threw a puck at the net hoping for a rebound and instead ended a 49 year championship drought. I was unable to watch the game because I was not around civilization or a television, but seeing the Chicago Blackhawk tweets start to appear was like a swift punch to the gut.

Being from St. Louis, all Chicago sports are of the devil (except for the White Sox, they don’t really matter, oh and Michael Jordan). Seeing the Blackhawks take home the cup was a terrible site, but it is not the worst day in sports history. The worst day in sports history will be when if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. It has brought me all kinds of pride and happiness to see this team not win a championship for a hundred plus years.

Last night could have been the worst day in sports history, but that day has yet to come.

What is the Worst Day in Sports History for you?


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  • Tyler

    opening day of the MLB…every single year.

    • Kyle Reed

      No, that is the greatest day of the year…the day the cubs start another pathetic losing season.

  • Michael

    June 3, 2010

    Ken Griffey, Jr. retired.

    • Kyle Reed

      Really, that was a sad day for you I guess?
      What about all the times he got hurt in Cincy?

      • michael

        I was more sad that he retired. Am I disappointed that he got injured frequently…you bet.

        I looked up to him as a kid. I tried to emulate how he played the game. I am going to miss him and his smile.

        • Kyle Reed

          great thoughts. he truly was a guy that was clean and did it right. Pure swing as well. I think everyone as a kid tried to bat like Ken Griffey JR

  • kevin

    The day the Cubs win the World Series will be not only the worst day in sports, but maybe the worst day in the history of our nation, in my lifetime (I know, 9/11, but you get the idea). Number 2 is when OU wins the national championship. Sadly, this is much more likely, as they have a legitimate shot at the title every year. Kills me.

    • Kyle Reed

      You hit the nail on the head, perfect.
      Those two days will be terrible

  • Tyler

    It is a combo to when the Falcons beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship 10 years ago and when the Saints got lucky enough to beat Brett Favre last year in the NFC Championship. Definitely the worst days ever.

    • Kyle Reed

      How about last year in the playoffs when the umpire called the double by Joe Mauer foul? That was a sad day.

      • Tyler

        instant replay please.

  • Patrick

    Don Denkinger’s blown call in game 6 of the 1985 World Series.

  • Jay


    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    That’s when the Red Sox completed the unthinkable, and beat the Yankees 4 games to 3 in the ALCS after the Yankees had them down 3-0.

    • Zac

      Actually, that was pretty awesome because the Yankees buy championships and anytime they lose, especially like that, is pretty great.

      • Janaki

        Hey, I would argue that the Red Sox buy their championships too. That being said I am a HUGE Red Sox fan.

    • Kyle Reed

      that was the greatest series ever.
      I was bummed that they went on to beat the cardinals, but it was awesome to see the yankees lose.
      Aaron bleepin Boone also brings up some memories. That homer off of Wakefield crushed my soul

  • Zac

    You clearly are mistaken. If the Flyers would have won that would have been the worst day ever. Being from Pittsburgh all things Philadelphia and Washington are evil.

    Actually, the worst day in sports history was probably back in 1993 when the New York Islanders’ David Volek scored a goal in overtime of game 7 to defeat the Penguins and eliminate their chances of winning 3 straight cups!

    • Kyle Reed

      I could see that, but you won last year. The STL Blues have never won the Lord Stanley’s cup.

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  • patricia

    2008 NBA finals when the celtics embarrassed the lakers.

    im hoping this year will be a year of redemption ;)

    • Kyle Reed

      I hope it comes true again…I enjoyed that.

  • Janaki

    Worst Day is Sports History?

    Each time the Yankees win, especially in the post season. I am a pretty big sports fan, always have been, and I can say I don’t feel hatred towards any team besides the Yankees.

  • Kyle

    Your logic doesn’t follow:
    1. Cards and Cubs do have a big rivalry that goes way back. I understand your disdain for the Cubs and their fans. I understand saying they are “the devil.” This is historic.
    2. I thought Cards fans were fans of the White Sox? The logic goes something like: your enemies, enemies become your allies.
    3. I have never heard of Rams fans hating the Bears.
    4. St. Louis people don’t hate the Bulls. I have never heard of this either.
    5. People from St. Louis regularly cheer for the Chicago Fire. I don’t know anyone who hates the Chicago Fire from St. Louis.
    6. Chris Pronger has been known to talk bad about St. Louis and St. Louis hockey fans. Could you, and your St. Louis loyalty, really want him to get another cup?
    7. Philly? Come on, they threw batteries at JD Drew. They “booed” during the MVP and Cup presentation. They threw snow balls at Santa? Seriously… Philly?
    8. Chicago fans would cheer for the Blues in the Cup over teams like Detroit (if that were possible) or the Leafs.

    Being from St. Louis doesn’t require a disdain for all Chicago sports teams. Chicago and St. Louis HAD a rivalry at one point in hockey, but I have never heard anyone say “St. Louis Sucks” at a Hawks game. The disdain is not the same. It’s like Cards fans hating the Reds … it’s not the same as the hatred for the Cubs? The rivalry is with Detroit. They are the hated team for both St. Louis and Chicago, and generally St. Louis people would rather see the Hawks win than the Wings. 2nd worst day in Sports history? Come on. Have some mid-west pride!

    That being said, I hope I never see the Cubs win a world series, but boy it was great to be in my neighborhood last night! Even as a St. Louis boy!

    • Kyle Reed

      you owned me on that one.

      I will give you the bulls argument. But I was more of a fan of MJ then the bulls. But I do hate the bears though and cutler. But there is not a rivalry there with the Rams and Bears unfortunately.

  • tyler

    I was talking with my brother a bit on this subject last night and he believes that the Cubs winning the World Series would actually be one of the best things for MLB. Whether or not you enjoy the team, the high amount of media attention, tv ratings, and renewed interest in the sport would be a great thing. Many non-fans might just tune in to see if a team w/ a century-old drought and a mysterious curse can pull it off. Baseball would benefit greatly by that kind of thing.

    Millions of entire generation lived and died without witnessing the Cubs win a world series. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to be a generation that did? It would be a historical event (in the world of sports)!

    When your team loses or plays poorly other people enjoy making you feel foolish for having rooted for that team…somehow our egos have been roped into what should be friendly competition and cheap entertainment. Can sports fanatics not find any redeeming qualities in teams and games that don’t directly boost their ego or crush the spirits of those they don’t like for petty reasons?

    • Kyle Reed

      You are right, ego plays a huge role. Nothing makes me feel better then when the Cardinals win and the Cubs lose. I guess it has something to do with pride and knowing that you are right and the other person is wrong. I still cannot admit that it would be a good thing for the cubs to win, cannot do it. But you do have a point.

    • @realpb

      absolutely would be great for baseball. but an essential part of baseball is the rivalries, drama, and sometimes, hatred. so it would be great to see the Cubs win it all one day, and then it would be equally great to see all the haters rue that day forever. :)

  • @realpb

    for me the worst day in sports history has to be when the refs (repeatedly) stole the gold medal away from the US and gave it to Russia in 1972. even though i didn’t watch that game (i’m not *that* old) i get sick to my stomach whenever i think about what happened that day. travesty.

    • Kyle Reed

      you know I have never heard anything about this before. Interesting.

      • @realpb

        what?????? Kyle, i just saw your reply. if you haven’t already, go and google it and watch youtube videos about it. it’s HEARTBREAKING. Doug Collins was on that team and he has some good interviews/insight on it. Some of the team members put it in their wills that legally, their family members/descendants can NEVER accept the silver medal. I get SO mad whenever i think about it.

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