The Wow Factor

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

The movie avatar does not deliver the wow factor. Instead it delivers 2 and half hours of consistent amazement. As I gazed through my 3d lenses I was overwhelmed from start to finish. There was not one moment where I was just “wowed.” Every minute was amazing. Avatar is changing the way movies are being made and more importantly the way stories are told.

The wow factor is simply a moment that makes you say “wow.” As I was sitting in the movie theater I started to think about James Cameron and his vision. How many years before the movie was every even shot on green screen he had written the script. Hoping that one day theaters and technology would be ready for his vision. I was sitting there thinking about his obsessive attention to detail, wanting everything to be perfect. But there was one moment that I was missing. It was the moment where you were completely blown away, the moment where you did not expect to see that or could not believe your eyes. That moment never came, and that is what made this movie awesome. Instead of focusing on “wowing” you into submission, Cameron focused on telling a story and being consistent in every aspect of his movie. He did not spend all of his time working on one scene, pouring hours and millions into making the ending the best possible. Instead the wow moment was the entire movie.

The wow factor only seems to exist in the church. Five Christmas Eve services ago, I was at church, sitting on the second row with my family. It was the usually Christmas eve service, filled with music, choirs, candle lighting and preaching. The wow moment came at the end of the service when suddenly a star curtain was revealed in the background bringing that “wow” moment to the night. It definitely took the crowds breathe away and left you saying “wow!” As I sat there watching avatar, I could not get that image of the star curtain out of my mind. It was the crowing moment for the Christmas Eve service, the Avatar moment, if you will, of Christmas eve services. It was the culmination of the service that had weeks of planning. I have also been on the other side of things. Knowing the wow moment was coming. Sitting there during the service and just watching people, wanting to tell them “you think this is great, wait until we do this.” I think we have gotten so caught up in the wow moments that we have missed consistent amazement.

Today I am going to continue this discussion. At 2pm central time I will post another blog on this subject talking about the effects of the wow factor.First I want to give some time to discuss and digest this now (and I do not want to write a 1000 word post that you will have to drink three cups of coffee to read).

Has the WOW!!!!!!! Factor lost its wowness?


Tune in at 2pm central standard time for Part two of the Wow factor. We will discuss the reason why the wow factor is a negative factor to the church.

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