Things I learned last night…

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I played drums at our saturday night service last nigth at Harvester Christian Church and I have never experienced anything like it before. Sure I have played drums before, but never on a set like this one. Check it out:

Here they be

Here they be

Ya, your reaction was probably the same as mine…what the heck is this. My favorite comment was from a student at the high school, “if that is a drumset, then I am an athiest.”
But I learned some things from this experience:
1) Triggers on drums are stupid
2) A second hand or lesser than product is way worse than the original. It is like basketball, but in virtual reality. Impossible to be good at that, not the real thing.
3) I am not that good of a drummer. If you are a good drummer, you can play anything….at least I think so
4) I don’t want to do that again
5) People think these things are actually worth having and using

Anyone ever tried a second hand/lesser than product and been that disappointed?


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  • Tyler

    Not many weeks go by that I wish I didn’t have more control over the volume of the drums in the gym. I’d gladly take some electro drums for a spell of something else to complain about.

  • alex post

    i hate electronic drums!!!!!!!!!! my church used them all through my high school experience! its just not the same and sometimes you get noises you didnt want! haha and sometimes hitting the pad is louder than the actual noise it puts out! haha. dang homey. how are those turntables comin? miss ya dog:) love you

  • kylereed

    I was trying to do a drum roll and it sounded nothing like it should have. All it sounded like was continues snare hits all at the same noise level. really bad sounding.

    The turntables have been returned. I can’t afford records and cartridges. So I am going strictly digital unfortunately.

  • Jake Hobbs

    If you use the Roland electric drums they actually work pretty nice. But they are quite expensive. My church used to hair a set, but sold them and bought some really nice acoustic.