To Blogger or Not to Bloger

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

People, stop using blogspot. These were the simple words that I tweeted out yesterday. In some way I was joking around, but in all reality I am very serious. This advice is for all of you people out there that are thinking about starting a blog, currently blog and thinking about switching to wordperss, or for those people who are looking to start an argument (kidding). The issue is simple, Blogspot (or blogger) was the blogging platform of 2001. It provided you a chance to put up your own thoughts, customize the layout, and make some money using google adwords. But now it is 2010 and things have changed.
Unfortunately, Blogspot has not.

Blogspot Does a Terrible Job of Promoting Conversation

There is a lot of reasons I blog, but one of the main reasons I blog is to provide a place of community and conversation. I do not think I am alone in these thoughts. All bloggers feel this way. We love to get comments and love the interaction that takes place after we have spent time writing our thoughts and opinions. It would be fair to say that the most important thing about blogging is what happens after you write the post, and that is the interaction. If you agree with me keep on reading, if you disagree you might want to save yourself some time and read something else, maybe this or this.

Here are a couple of reasons why blogspot (blogger) is a barrier to conversation.

No Threaded Conversation

Threaded conversation is what you see when someone replies to a comment that has been left (for all you visual learners, example here). If we go back to the original goal of blogging, which is to promote conversation, this only adds to the problem, not bring value to the conversation. Imagine sitting at a coffee shop and everyone was at their own table just yelling stuff out. It would be pretty difficult to figure out who was saying what and who they were talking with. Blogspot is a place to do a lot of yelling but no talking.

Jumping Through Hoops

We are lazy. Seriously, we like things fast and easy. We want our internet to be fast and our cars to be faster (or something like that). When you go to comment on a blog that uses blogspot, the process is tedious. First you have to navigate away from the original post. Why is this annoying? Because navigating away from the original post can take up time but also prove to be distracting. I get distracted very easily, and often forget how I even got to this page. After remembering I am suppose to comment, I forget what I am commenting on and have to go back and re-read the post. If you are a master focuser then I got another problem for you, the process. There is a huge process you have to go through to leave a comment. Navigate to another page, fill in your info (every time), fill in a security code to make sure you are not spam and then wait for your comment to appear. The best example of this was Jon Acuff and Stuff Christians Like. For the longest time Jon was on blogger, and his community was growing. But what seemed to really hold back the community and conversation was the comment system. I loved reading his stuff and wanted to comment, but was deterred from doing this because of all the hoops I had to jump through. There is a natural way conversation flows, and I am very positive that it is not the way blogger has it set up.

I know all the counter-arguments that can be made against these two points. I get it, you have gotten around this and added your own plugins and comment systems to your comment stream. You have edited your blogger to look half way normal and provide some user friendliness. But for the most part, the people that blog or are looking to blog are needing something that is out of the box and ready to go. The simple problem with blogger is that it comes out of the box half dressed. There is more work to be done to make your blog user friendly on blogger (blogspot) then on wordpress.

Personally I am a big wordpress fan. Mainly because of the dashboard and the themes and support that is made available. Also, their comment system is very easy to use and user friendly. You do not need an account, and it has threaded comments built in.

One of the main things to focus on when choosing a blog platform is how will the conversation flow.

Is there anything I missed? Maybe something you want to ad or ask?


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Kyle Reed

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Kyle Reed is a connector looking to connect with others. A 20 Something that is blogging his way through life and looking to connect through community. Also a team member of the 8BIT Network and brand evangelist. Find me on twitter: @kylelreed, lets chat.
  • http://- Ani

    I’m not a blogger but I love to read some blogs. You need people to read them so I’m one of them. Never read your blogs but will now. You’re cool. So I have nothing of value to add on this blog.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well thanks for stopping in. You can add value to any post with your thoughts and I look forward to that.

  • Brett Barner

    Amen! <<~~~ me sitting in the choir listening to you preach.

  • Danny Bixby

    Obligatory grumble :D

  • Tom

    What’s a blog..?

    • Kyle Reed

      Great question sir, let me refer you to a guy named Tom McFarlin.
      He is the developer at 8BIT and really does some great work (and he is cheap). His email is

      • Tom

        He’s a noob is what he is. That jerkface.

  • Brian Barela

    passing this on to literally HUNDREDS of people.

    the hardest part for me is that i see my friends putting LOTS of content on their blogger blogs, then realizing blogger is below average, then struggling to get that content onto their next blog.

  • Kelsey

    Now I feel bad for using blogger! Haha, no I’m okay.
    I’ve also noticed how the commenting works on it, how it’s not the best for discussions, which I can live with for now.
    Just this last month I’ve finally started blogging and everyone I knew used blogspot so I just went with it! But I will say that it’s been pretty easy to use thus far.
    Who knows, I might switch out eventually. But I do appreciate your opinion.

    • Kyle Reed

      No problems. And to be honest I really think that if you are setup with blogger you should just stay there.
      But if you are trying to decide where to go I would stay away from it.
      Personally I would still switch over, but if you are happy with it then more power to ya.

  • Andy Rhea

    I agree with all of this (and I use blogger) but what is better than blogger that’s free?

    • Kyle Reed

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    OK. Am perusing I am such a procrastinator, though. I had great ambitions when I started. Still do. It’s the fear of “if I build it, they will come”. I’m not afraid to comment on others thoughts, but when people comment on my thoughts, I fear my content won’t bring comments. Even on blogger.

  • Jordan Wiseman

    I used Blogger for a while….and I hated it.

    WordPress all the way…!

  • patricia

    im on blogger… and i use the intense debate comment form so commenting wont be so hard.

    i’ve thought about moving to wordpress…but i dont know how i’ll be able to find the time to move all my contents from blogger to wordpress all over again (i moved it from xanga to blogger already)…

    the thought of doing that stresses me out already…so im just sticking with blogger till someone helps me out. =D

    • Kyle Reed

      If I was you I would stay where you are at. Sounds like you have got things set up and have ID installed is a great solution.

    • Jordan Wiseman

      I know the guys over at Creative Penguin Media ( love WordPress. ;) Sorry, shameless plug.

  • Michael

    For the first 8 months I blogged I used blogger because it was Google. I had a friend tell me how much easier wordpress was so I imported everything I had.

    Totally love wordpress.

  • Jonathan Pearson

    I used blogger for about 2 years before finally shelling out some money a couple of months ago to have someone switch me over. It’s taken some getting used to, but I have to agree. Once my traffic picks back up (from my stupidity in transferring the subscription feed), I’ll be a very happy customer. Good stuff as always, Kyle!

  • joanna

    I’m starting to feel like a loner, still using blogger. :p

    I totally agree that the standard blogger comment setup is painful. I’ve been too lazy to move all my blogs over so am using intense debate for my comments which makes blogger a lot more user friendly

  • @nicolewick

    Amen, amen, amen!!!! I can’t believe that people have a choice and yet they don;t go with WordPress. Even is a better option. I’m not a typepad fan either. Nice new blog design by the way :)

    P.S. Tell your sister I’m out of town for work and will email her when I get home on Friday or Saturday. It’s been CRAZY. I’m sooooo sorry!

    • Kyle Reed

      No problem Nicole.
      She is excited and ready to chat.

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