Top 10 Albums of 2009

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

2009 has been a great year for music. I have spent more money on music then anything else this year and it has all been worth my money and time. Here are the top 10 albums of 2009.

10) U2-No Line on the Horizon
No matter when it comes out or how it sounds, U2 will always be in my top ten best albums of the year. Once again, this CD was another must listen over and over again. The Edge is brilliant (what is new) Bono makes you think, Larry is just plain cool, and Adam just plays bass, nothing special there right? This is a must own for the year 2009. Best band of all time.

9) Phil Wickham-Heaven and Earth
Phil Wickham continues to get better and better. His first CD (self titled) delivered a couple of songs that I really enjoyed. Cannons was brilliant and a great sophomore album, but Heaven and Earth showed a lot of growth and maturity. The CD told a great story and he gave us another song that everyone could sing (in your city), well not everyone can sing but we can at least attempt to sing.

8) Kristian Stanfil-Attention

I have to be honest about this one, I did not give it a shot at all. I really thought Kristian was going to be another Chris Tomlin (you know, put out one song that is good and the rest of the CD is well blah). But man was I wrong. I wish I would have started to listen to this CD way before I did in August. The best song on the album, “Wake Up.” Look forward to hearing more from Kristian and the guys.

7) MuteMath-Armistace
First couple times I listened to this Cd I was really disappointed. I had been following their video blog and updates about the record, had been reading the news and chatter about the anticipation and then finally got my hands on the record and was disappointed. This changed about the fifth time I listened to the record.  It grew on me and really become one of my favorites of 2009. After I let go of what I thought the record should sound like, I really started to hear the beauty of this record and have not stopped listening since. Good stuff again from the guys of MuteMath. And Darrin King is one of the best drummers there is right now. Love his style and swagger.

6) Switchfoot-Hello Hurricane
These guys do not stop. They come out with a new record every other year and each one is awesome. Hello Hurricane was no exception. It was typical switchfoot at the beginning and then it made a move on the last five tracks of the record and gave some of the best switchfoot material they have ever done. If the record was only consisted of the last five songs they would still be in my top ten of 2009. Really good stuff.

5) Manchester Orchestra-Mean Everything to Nothing
Over the past month I have probably listened to this CD at least once a day. I have become a huge fan of Manchester Orchestra and this was the CD that started my love. The vocals are very unique but blend in very well to the music. Along with some musical goodness I was hooked from the beginning. This is a must listen for all.

4) Swell Season-Strict Joy
Once is one of my favorite movies and soundtracks. So when I heard that Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová were putting out a  record I was more then excited. Funny story about this record…I bought the record three times off of iTunes on accident. Needless to say, $45 later and some angry words I was finally listening to some Swell Season, I was not disappointed at all (and was happy to have my bill fixed by Apple). Not only do they give you a full length album they also give you a live album to enjoy. This album is easily in my top ten of the year and I look forward to more from The Swell Season.

3) Paper Route-Absence
I have been following Paper Route for a long time now. Back in the day they use to go by the name For All the Drifters (actual just two of them were in the band for all the drifters. After FATD broke up, the two left and formed paper route). They released an EP in 2008 which was killer and gave even more anticipation for their first full length album. This album is a mixture of 80’s pop, very smooth singing, and some electronic happenings. Some how it blends brilliantly into 13 songs of goodness. If you never heard of paper route, do yourself a favor and check them out now.

2) David Crowder Band-Church Music
I lost sleep over this decision. To say that I am a fanboy if the David Crowder Band is an understatement. In total I have been to 12 concerts, bought every CD possible and probably know way to much about the band. To list them as number two was painful. To be honest, I really liked Church Music a lot. I know some of you would disagree with me. But listening to it several times, and reading multiple different interviews and watching videos about the record has made this one of my favorite DCB albums. But, it did not make it into the number one spot this year. I will say that God Almighty, None Compares is one of my favorite DCB songs of the record if not of all. The section from The Veil to We are loved to All Around to How He Loves is beautiful as well. Another great record put out by the guys from DCB. I cannot wait for the next record. Let the countdown begin.

1) Derek Webb-Stockholm Syndrome
As I said above, this was a very tough decision. For about a week Stockholm Syndrome held the number two spot on this list. But that all changed when I heard an interview here about the record and the lyrical content. It immediately moved this record into the number one spot for 2009. Not only does Derek go way out of his comfort zone, he does it in new ways and still gives that Derek Webb punch to the gut. From songs like Freddie Please to American Flag Umbrella to the Controversial What Matters Most, Derek Webb does not hold anything back at all. Along with the interview, the 1 hour video about the record, the live show, the t-shirt, and the upcoming record of cover songs it made it an easy choice to be number one on my list. I continue to discover new stuff in  Stockholm Syndrome and cannot help but listen all the way through every time I turn it on. By far the best record of 2009.

So do you agree or disagree?
Let me know what you think about my choices.

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