Top 10 Albums of 2010-Part 1

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Music is the heartbeat of the people.

Music is the very thing that can express everything you want to say without every having to say anything. The best way to describe music is this:

Music is what feelings sound like.

It is with great pride that I share with you my Top Ten Albums of  2010. This is part 1, and it list out albums 10-6.

10. Charlie Hall-the Rising

Following up on two steller releases, Charlie Hall did not disappoint with “the Rising”. In all reality he actually gave much more then expected. It is a very mature and well put together album with creative sound and instrumentation as well as lyrics that are more of a persona feel then corporate worship feel. If you do not have this album there is still time to ask for this for christmas. Get the album here.

9. Brooke Fraser-Flags

I moved to Nashville in October, this album released in October. Since then I have been back to St. Louis 3 times. All three of those times I have heard this album blarring from my sisters (@kamriereed) room non-stop. I have to agree with her, it is a tremendous album. It is a step in a different direction from her last album Albetine, but it is a great step and has some great anthem songs that make you tap your foot and sing along. I am sure that this makes the top 1 or 2 of my sisters list, but for me it is in the top ten. Buy Brooke’s album here.

8. Sufjan Stevens-Age of Adz

Sufjan Stevens is one of the most interesting men alive. In fact, he could be cooler then the Dos Equis guy. No matter how you see Sufjan you never know what he is going to do next. So much so that no one really knew he was going to be releasing a new album this year. Keeping fans and critics on their toes, Sufjan released his 9th album this year and was met with great praise. Once again keeping people off the path of predictability Sufjan added some choice words into a song called “I Want To Be Well” and produced some head scratches into exactly what he was trying to accomplish by saying this (you can read an article I wrote about this very subject on here). No matter the language or mystery that Sufjan produces, the Age of Adz is a brilliant album that deserves to be listened to repeatedly. Buy Sufjan’s album here

7. Zach Williams-Story Time

Released in 2009, but discovered by myself in early 2010, “Story Time” was on constant repeat for most of the spring. Zach Williams has a raw ability to grab your attention and bring you into a song and never let you leave until the album is over. And most of the time, after the last track has played you go back to number 1 and start again. The amazing thing about Zach is that he is new to the game of music. Only seriously starting to write or sing in the past 5 years, he has put out a debut album that record labels are drooling over to get their hands on him. That is right, he is not signed…yet. Some have heard of Zach Williams, those that have not heard of him will instantly turn into fans once they discover his music. You should do yourself a favor and go to his site now and listen to his entire album for free (go here to his site here) or if you really want to do something awesome you can go to and download his album for free (go here). Consider it an early Christmas gift.

6. Jonsi-Go

If Sufjan Stevens is one of the most interesting men alive then Jonsi is one o the most unique and creative man alive. You might have heard of Jonsi’s day job, he is in this kind of well known band called Sigur Ros. Going out on his own for the first time, Jonsi releases Go and instantly grabs peoples attention. From the opening track entitled Go Do to my favorite track Animal Arithmetic Jonsi truly does call his listeners to go. Jonsi is an artist that I cannot wait to hear more from. Whether that is with Sigur Ros or by himself, he truly is a creative genius that makes beautiful music. Buy Jonsi’s album here.

That is part 1 of the Top 10 Albums of 2010. Stay tuned for part 2 later in the day. I will be featuring 5-1 and will want to discuss what you have on your list as top 10 albums of the year. And if you cannot wait that long and want to read some more you can always go back and check out my list of Top 10 Albums of 2009 here

Your thoughts are always welcomed. Would you have rated any of these higher or lower? Have you listened to all of these albums? Are you making a list?

Share with the group now.

Note: these are not necessarily all released in 2010. A few have been released in 2009 and I started to listen to them in 2010.

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  • Joanna

    I love that Brooke Fraser album. Something in the water got a lot of plays on a recent road trip. The chorus is fantastic for singalongs.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes it is, a great singalong and anthem for anyone. That is probably my favorite song

  • Caleb

    for some reason i cant bring myself to put GO on my top albums list….the album is good i suppose, but i can only listen to three of four songs before im so happy i want to kill myself. There just isnt enough emotional variety on the album for me.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is very interesting, I think I can see that.

  • Jemiwa

    I already loved the new Sufjan album (which I heard for the first time in concert when he played here in Dallas back in September, that was magical) and the Jonsi album (which plays at least once a week for me). But a friend had brought up Brooke Fraser and I’d kind of written her off, but upon second listen I really liked this album. Thanks for reencouraging me in that. The Charlie guy – ehhhhhhh…maybe a song or two. On the whole, couldn’t dig it.

    But Zach Williams – WHOA. I’m in love. Phenomenal album. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that nugget!!

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, zach is absolutely brilliant.

      I think Charlie Hall is more of an acquired taste. a lot of people have the same reaction.

  • Tony Alicea

    Since you aren’t in my primary genre, I learned about a couple of new ones here. I’m going to check them out.

    On a side note, you freakin’ got Questlove (The Roots drummer) to comment on your list from last year! That is sick! You didn’t even reply to his comment!

    • Kyle Reed

      good point, I didn’t even notice that it went to Questlove’s twitter profile. I do highly doubt it was him though :)