Top 10 Albums of 2010-Part 2

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This is part 2 of the Top 10 Albums of 2010. If you missed part 1 be sure to check that first. (part 1 is found here)

It truly is amazing to see how music is the heartbeat of the world. It conveys so much emotion, life, and meaning. If you are anything like me you constantly have music playing. I cannot explain why music is so impacting and important, and I am glad I cannot explain that. I think music is one of those things that captures an individuals thoughts, emotions, and feelings and puts them out there for others to hear. The interesting thing is we all hear something different.

Music is not black and white…it is grey. You hear certain elements of a song that I do not hear and that is the beauty of it all.

Without any more blabbing lets get to 1-5 of the Top 10 Albums of 2010.

5. Gungor-Beautiful Things

Every once and a while a band is able to capture a movement of thought and feeling and place it in an album that never gets old, Gungor has found that. With their latest album, “Beautiful Things”, the guys and gals of Gungor have put the Christian worldview to music. This album provides a fresh sound to the Christian music world and I am very thankful for that. My favorite track of this album is called “People of God” and inside of this song there is a simple cry for the people of God to rise up and share the love of Christ. That is the overall theme of this album. It is a movement from being dead and dry (Dry Bones) to asking God to be our strength (Please Be Our Strength) to finally celebrating the love that God has given us (We Will Run, People of God, Beautiful Things). If you are not familiar with Gungor you need to change that today. Buy Gungor’s album here.

4. Arcade Fire-the Suburbs

Not only does this band have an awesome name they have an awesome sound. If you have ever seen a live performance of Arcade Fire you would wonder how they take so many instruments and voices and blend them into the sound they have. It is truly impressive the music they make and sing. Being a new fan of Arcade Fire, I picked this album up on a recommendation from friends and was not disappointed. They have a way of capturing the spirit of music and providing you with catchy lyrics that are lasting and meaningful. I am sure that this will not be the last Arcade Fire album that makes it into my top 10 best albums of the year. Buy Arcade Fire’s album here.

3. John Mark McMillan

He very well could have the song of the decade (How He Loves) that is the anthem and cry of a generation that has been apart of a time that has never been seen. John Mark McMillan has been working on his latest album “the Medicine” for the past 8 years and you can tell when you listen. From the catchy song Skeleton Bones to the beautiful hymn Death In His Grave John Mark draws you in with his unique North Carolina voice and his thought provoking lyrics. My favorite track on the entire album, Between the Cracks, ask some tough questions but also provides an example of what Jesus did. The entire album is one great movement of the Christian life and ends it all with the very well known and covered song How He Loves. Simply put, this is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Buy John Mark’s album here

2. Sleigh Bells-Treats

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while you will be well acquainted with the band Sleigh Bells and if this is your first time reading this blog then you can thank me later for introducing you to this amazing band. Sleigh Bells is one of those bands that is pure energy and goodness all at once. They grab you by the throat from track one and never let up until the album is over. I think my favorite track on the entire album, Infinity Guitars, captures the sound of the band very well. Not only do they have a clever name, they have a clever sound that features overdriven bass and guitars and raunchy vocals. This is one of those bands that you start counting down the day to their next release. Buy Sleigh Bells album here.

1. Mumford and Sons-Sigh No More

There should be no surprise here. The greatest album of 2010 has to be Mumford and Sons. I do not know what it is about this album but it is one of the most refreshing and life giving things I have ever listened to. From the opening track, Sigh No More, to the very lsat track, After the Storm, Mumford and Sons makes it their mission to have you engaged and listening. My favorite song, Dust Bowl Dance, mixes mellow tones with raw emotion. The song simple takes you on a journey from a very silent and honest place to the ending where you are simply shouting from the top of your lungs and pumping your fist in the air.  You honestly could say that about every single song. I have heard this album described as a very spiritual experience to listen to and be apart of, I cannot disagree with that. Mumford and Sons finds a way to mix in banjo, upright bass, and drums into an album that ask a lot of questions and is dripping with spiritual overtones. It is without a doubt the numer 1 album of 2010. You have to buy Mumford and Sons album here right this very minute. Go here now

There it is. The Top 10 Albums of 2010.

I hope you have enjoyed this list. I want to hear from you…

What are your top 3 albums of 2010? You agree or disagree with any of these choices?


Dont forget to check out part 1 found here if you missed it from earlier.

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  • @realpb

    i know i’m gonna get flamed by your crowd, but Mumford & Sons tops my list… for Most Overrated Band of 2010. (just one of those bands that Christians “get”, i guess)

    flame on!

    • Jay

      I’m with you dude. I have listened over and over again to Mumford & Sons and I just don’t get it.

    • Kyle Reed

      well I do indeed hate you now :)

      But thats your opinion and its cool. I know you are the music guy as well, so I respect it.

      So what is on your list then?

    • Nathan

      Agreed. I tried, they failed.

  • @realpb

    Could agree more with your #2, 3, 6, 8 by the way. :D

  • Josh

    Good list….one correction: John Mark is North Carolina. I know most don’t care, but as someone who’s from Charlotte, I have to claim him from where he’s from. South is just the “other” Carolina anyways. :)

    Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs – God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise would be way up on my list this year. Simply fantastic.

    • austinklee

      1,000,000 bonus points for Josh! SC is the other Carolina.

      • Josh

        Thanks. :)

    • Kyle Reed

      yes you are right, my bad. I will change that.

      I need to listen to more of Ray Lamontagne. I have heard great things.

      • Josh

        Yeah, that album is crazy good, man. One of the best male voices I’ve ever heard, IMO.

  • Shelby

    I still haven’t heard mumford and sons…. if i get any christmas money I will be sure to buy it though.

    aaannd my top 3
    3. Awakening -Passion 2010 These songs marked the beginning of an incredible, awesome and hard year for me and those songs take me back to the moments of complete surrender when I finally let God take control of every aspect of my life. (though I still try to control them a lot)
    2. Speak Now -Tswift Besides the fact that I adore Taylor Swift, and I love all her music, I was just so dang impressed with how bold her album was and It inspired me to Speak up when I wanted to.
    1. The Outsiders -NeedTobreathe This isn’t a shock to you, all I can say is NeedToBreathe changed my world especially musically and they will probably always be my number one.

    • Kyle Reed

      I think passion’s album was good, just cannot get behind it with so many Chris Tomlin song on there. Not a fan

  • austinklee

    I am not sure I have the same experience with Mumford and Sons that you do…but I can say I bought the album last week solely because of your recommendation.

    I have not been disappointed. I have had it on repeat…I can’t put my finger on it…but maybe I will all of a sudden “get it” in the next few weeks.

    • Kyle Reed

      i think you will get it, or maybe not. Who knows.
      Glad I hold some sway over your music choices though :)

  • Dustin

    solid list. i’ve loved your top 5 other than sleigh bells this year.

    i’m a new M&S listener (just downloaded it last week) and love it.

    • Kyle Reed

      wait, so no on sleigh bells? Really?

  • Dave Sandell

    Nice list – agree with a lot of it. Sleigh Bells isn’t that high on my list, but the people I know who love it, love it with a passion. My top three:

    3. Angus & Julia Stone – Down the Way
    2. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
    1. Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks

    Top 25 here, if you’re interested:

    • Kyle Reed

      thanks for the link. Definitely checking that out very soon

  • Geek for Him

    LOVE Mumford and Sons. Great album all around.

    I would like to recommend that you listen to The Outsiders by Need to Breathe, it is an awesome album from start to finish!

    • Kyle Reed

      oh I have definitely listened to that.
      I would have put them on there but I felt like it was more of a 2009 best of.

    • Shelby

      The Outsides is pure magic.
      <3 <3

  • Jay

    Just to say that I would have Gungor at number 1.

    I like worship music – in church. Outside of church I don’t listen to it much beyond the occasional song. And that goes for the heavyweights like Tomlin and Hillsong.

    ‘Beautiful Things’ however is different from any worship album I have ever heard. The lyrics are powerful and the music is just…wow. All those differing styles and it all sounds so good. I haven’t been impressed by a record like this in a long time.

    • Kyle Reed

      I totally agree with you, definitely a different feel then most “typical” worship albums.

    • @realpb

      same here. great album.

  • Tony Alicea

    I would add Lovelite – Nearness to this list. If you haven’t already heard it, it is absolutely phenom. Shades of Keane and Fiest…incredible music and passionate lyrics. I don’t hear anyone talk about them. They are slept on for sure.

    • Tony Alicea


    • Kyle Reed

      yes they are, because I have never heard of them but I have now. Will check them out on grooveshark

  • Tyler

    John Mark over Gungor? Come on Kyle. That’s just not nice ;)