Top 10 Blogs of the Year

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

We all read them (if not you should) and we all love them. Over the last year I have read blogs every day and have learned a ton from each and everyone. The blogs listed below are the ones that I have read the most and have really been blessed to find and be apart of the comment stream. The list is composed of the blogs that I have been following for this year. Some of the blogs that got honerable mentioned did not make the list because I have only been reading them for the past month or two, maybe next year.

Here are my top 10 blogs of 2009.

10) SwerveCraig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald
I like this blog because it does weekly series. Usually dealing with leadership lessons or observations that ask difficult but needed questions. Both Craig and Bobby bring something completely different to the table each time.

9) Diaries of an STL Beer ManJosh Hunt
My friend Josh did not have a job, that was until the St. Louis Cardinals came a calling (well he actually called them). Josh recounted daily stories that only a STL Beer Man could recall. Funny funny stuff. As well we got to experience the all star game and play-offs through his eyes. His archives are a must read.

8) TPAC-Tyler Hughes
As I have mentioned before, Tyler was the one that started me blogging. He does not post all the time, but when he does they are always well worth the wait. Tyler was the one that introduced me to David Crowder Band and for that I am forever indebted to him to list him on my top 10 blogs of the year.

7) Deadly Viper/People of the Second ChanceMike Foster, Jud Wilhite, Jim Gray
Over the past year this blog has changed to a couple of different names but has continually provided great content. Each post leaves you realizing one of two things, I am a sinner saved by grace and God has a plan. All of these guys are big dreamers and great leaders and I always look forward to reading their daily thoughts.

6) Flower DustAnne Jackson
Anne Jackson is the best female blogger I know. Seriously, she is awesome. How many female bloggers do I know? Not very many, and up until a couple of months ago I only knew of Anne. Usually because most female blogs consist of info on how to scrapbook, bake a cake, or complaining about changing dirty diapers. Anne Jackson doesn’t really blog that way. Instead she hits you with reality checks on your spiritual, emotional, and physical health and gives you permission to speak freely (see what I did there?)

5) Man of DepravityTyler Braun
Tyler is a fellow 20 something. He is a music pastor, seminarian and a blogger. I really look forward to what Tyler has to say and what he is thinking about. It seems that we are a lot alike and often are thinking about the same things, except for he is older and wiser then me (and he is in Seminary). His Fortuitous Bouncing post that goes up each week is well worth reading his blog as well as thought provoking post about worship, the bible, and life.

4) Without WaxPete Wilson
Pete makes the list simply for how killer his blog and profile picture look. I never understood why it is called without wax, my guess is that it has something to do with hair wax and how he is without it or something like that. Pete is a pastor of a church in Nashville Ten. and blogs a lot about ministry and life. He always gives very insightful, honest, and open thoughts and gives you questions to chew on and then answer in the comment section. If I lived in Nashville, I would go to Pete’s church, especially because it is where the hipsters go, but also to be around a guy like Pete and his team.

3) Stuff Christians LifeJon Acuff
SCL and Jon Acuff have pretty much taken over the year 2009. Exploding onto the scene in a mocking/true dose of christian reality, Jon Acuff has given us 637 post about Stuff Christians Like. In November Jon announced that he wanted to build a kindergarten in Vietnam and that it would cost $30,000. He set the goal to have the money raised by New Years Day. $30,000 was raised in 18 hours (Crazy, I know). He decided that one was not enough and asked to build a second kindergarten. The money was raised about two weeks later. This is just one reason why Jon Acuff and SCL has exploded onto the scene. Not only is SCL one of the funniest blogs I read, the serious Wednesday post are some of the best post of the week. I am definitely excited to read more in 2010 and to check out his book that releases in 2010.

2) Ragamuffin SoulCarlos Whittaker
Tyler Hughes was the one that got me into blogging, Carlos Whittaker was the one that got me back into blogging. I do not miss a single blog post of his. Each one is creative, well written, and raw (hints the name ragamuffin soul I guess). Carlos is everywhere. On twitter, making music, at every single Christian conference ever thought or discussed and now taking over Chicago. I have spent a couple of days with Carlos and was drawn even closer into his blogging community after getting to know him even better. He always keeps you on your toes and thinking, which is the biggest reason why I love his blog. He is a twitter king (@loswhit) and a master hype man that does an awesome job of creating conversation and community through social media. He truly does believe we are all ragamuffins, I have stuff my foot in my mouth a couple of times with Carlos, and he is pretty graceful about forgiving me. Love me some ragamuffin soul.

1) Church CrunchJohn Saddington & Company
I had a tough time picking the number 1 blog of 2009. But after looking back at all the factors that went into consideration one thing made the decision for me, comments. I have commented on Church Crunch the most out of any blog that I peruse daily. John is the smartest wordpress man I can understand and he is constantly striving to find ways to use technology to spread the Gospel. He has helped me out a ton, he even let me stay at his house and got me into catalyst. He post at least 3 post a day that each are different in nature but are awesome. He does a great job of uniting a community of creatives to discuss tech, the web, and social media. He does a great job of sharing his space as well, giving several opportunities to guest post and discuss questions, ideas, and thoughts. If you are a creative, tech, web 2.0 or social media junkie this is a must read blog. John has some huge plans for 2010 and cannot wait to see what unfolds. If they are anything like they are sure to top the best blogs of 2010.

Did I miss any?
Got a few to add yourself?
Go for it in the comment section.


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  • Anne Jackson

    aw thanks!
    and except for the picture, and except for all his amazing posts, i actually designed pete's blog! so thanks again. :)
    you rock.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well Anne, I might have to move you past Pete then. You can write and design.
      Good stuff

  • Jason

    Top notch list, Kyle.

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  • Cindy_Graves

    I now know why we keep bumping into each other in the blogosphere – we read a lot of the same people.

    I know you also follow Michael Hyatt . I love his tips for writing and just general great advice.

    Shaun Groves is a very gifted writer and his passion for releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name is heart warming.

    Seth Godin . Always short, always relevant. It doesn't always jive with me, but I can usually see his point.

  • Tom

    Good list of stuff, Kyle. Props to you for getting word out about the good words of others.

  • Tyler_Braun

    wow kyle, thanks a lot. i definitely don't deserve to be here, but i do appreciate that what i write hits home for you. wish you lived closer.

  • Christy Polek (@christypolek)

    I originally found Pete Wilson’s blog about a year ago because I had seen the phrase “without wax” signed at the bottom of a letter to me. It was written in where you would put “sincerely” or something like that. I was curious what they meant so I googled it. I google everything.
    First, I found this on

    —-Though an old wives tale, the fanciful history of the phrase “without wax” is still an interesting one. “Without wax” stems from the Latin words “sin” (without) and “ceras” (wax) and was often said (albeit incorrectly) to be the origin of the English word “sincerity.” The story went that the phrase “without wax” first became widespread during the height of Roman and Greek artistry, when sculptures first became a popular artistic medium. When a sculpture had a flaw, artists would fill in the chip or crack with colored wax to match the marble. Wax was said to serve as cover-up, masking imperfections on what was most likely cheap pottery. An arguably perfect or quality piece of work was therefore “without wax.” Pottery pieces were even said to be stamped with the phrase “without wax” as proof of authenticity.

    Unfortunately, there is not much (or really any) evidence that any of the above is true. The Oxford English Dictionary says the etymology of the English word “sincerity” actually derives from the Latin “sincerus,” meaning a clean or pure sound. The story of  “without wax” seems therefore to be no more than a folk tale.

    Regardless of its historic accuracy, the message generated by “without wax” remains a good one. “Without wax” exemplifies the ideal: a perfection in honesty… the virtue in speaking true.—-

    And then I found Pete’s blog. So I assume that the name is taken from that in saying he writes truthfully and authentically. And I think he really does do just that.
    Great list, by the way. I like Tyler Braun’s and Anne Jackson’s a lot too =)