Top 5 bands of All Time

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Nothing like a top five list to get some convsersation going….

Here are my top 5 bands of all time.
Feel free to bash, agree, or make your own post about your top 5 bands of all time

1) U2
This is the easiest one for me. It is a no brainer really, the greatest band of all time.
I think they have something like 18 CD’s out there now and they keep popin them
out like a catholic couple.
I love Bono’s lyrics, Edge’s rifs, and Larry Mullin Jr’s simple but clever drum playin.
Simple the greatest and most influential rock band of all time, forget the beatles.

2) Radiohead
Another really no brainier for me. I mean Hannah Montana wanted to meet them.
You know your big when she is your biggest fan. These guys have been doing it for a
long time and continue to make amazing music. Favorite album would have to be
the bends. But the new stuff is just as good.

3) David Crowder Band
These guys might eclipse radiohead soon.
They have a new CD coming out in September
called “church music” and if good (which you know it will be)
could move them up the list.
Simple the greatest christian band of all time (ya, better than stryper).
Each Cd is a very creative way of expressing the relationship between God and man,
and “the Glory of it All” could be one of the best songs ever written.
The most creative and ingenious group as well,
they continue to do things that surprise me daily.
I have seen them in concert at least 7 times,
and they are better with each time I see them.

4) Coldplay
Here is where the list starts to get really really hard.
But coldplay has to hold down a spot
on the list and really 4 and 5 could be switched at any time.
What puts coldplay at number 4 is the possibility that they could be (are) the next U2.
After their most recent album, they are moving up the list.
They rank 2nd in all time shows I have seen, right behind U2 of course.

5) Death Cab for Cutie
I know, pretty obvious choices here.
Maybe in a couple of years my number 4 and 5 will change,
but for now, death cab is in the mix.
They continue to put out good music that is creative lyrically
(see the song “title and registration” lyric “the glove compartment is inaccurately
named and everybody knows it”).
With the release of “Narrow Stairs” they continue to make great music.
And they have the best Pandora station.

So there you have it, my top 5 bands of all time
What are yours?

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  • tyler

    Not surprised to see U2 at the top.

  • Jaden

    I heart U2

  • T Whizzy Y

    No one will ever have more success and inspire more people than U2. They've had hit songs in the past four decades. In the last 3 years, they have AVERAGED 90,000 in attendance at their concerts. They will never be topped as the best band of all time.

  • O23

    i want to punch you and t whizzy in the face.

    • klreed

      Well I am sure that Bono would punch you back.
      What is your top band of all time?