Tweet or Die Part 2

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

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As we talked about in the introduction to this series, people are using twitter in many different ways. This is the beauty of twitter, it is really undefinable in its potential and usability.
At its origins it is a simple way to share with the world and your friends what you are doing.
But it has become a way of expressing who you are and what you do.

This is the beauty of social networking.
Myspace was the first to really explode with this idea of giving the user a chance to express themselves through page design, music, and other crazy annoying things. Facebook was quick to capitalize on this idea of having a space that you can call your own. Twitter has taken the good of myspace and facebook and combined it into a very simple, clean, and easy to use system that brings together friends, celebrities, and people you have to follow because they follow you.

Twitter can be used in multiple different ways. Churches are using twitter, Companies are using twitter, the President is using twitter, Babies are using twitter, Cities are using twitter, Musicians are using twitter, and Moms are using twitter.
As you can see, there is a wide variety of people using twitter and using it well. My favorite way of using twitter is to share things. Whether it be a retweeting (reposting what someone has already tweeted so others can see) a great quote, using it to let others know I have a new blog post up (sorry about that) or just telling people what I am doing, these are just a couple of my favorite things about twitter.

Facebook is the thing of the past. Twitter has taken over the way we communicate. If you can believe this, email is a thing of the past. I am not saying it will disappear, but it is a secondary way of communicating (twitter being the first).
Facebook is going to face the same future that myspace has taken, a place for bands to share their music and 13 year old girls to show off their favorite things. In my opinion, facebook has about a year or two left of reign, and then it will go away like a cake in front of a fat kid. You don’t believe me, let me tell you why I say this. Facebook started its decline by making one major change this year, they changed the way you got your news feed, and they changed it to replicate twitter. Focusing on status updates, facebook is now following culture and not setting culture. Soon, people will start to realize that Facebook is struggling to be the place where they can communicate with others. Posting on someones wall has become obsolete. I think in the last month I have gotten two or three post on my wall. Maybe I just don’t have any friends, but I have way more status comments than I do post on my wall.

People are looking for a quick way to communicate. Nothing is quicker than a face to face conversation. But you can’t be in 20 places at once. Why not bring those face to face conversations together and put them at the tips of your fingers.
This is how people are using twitter. To communicate with each other and to see what others are doing.
One of the main ways that I use twitter is to find out what all my friends are doing. This might sound impossible, but the friends that I follow on twitter do a great job of keeping me in the loop. Whether it be them tweeting about going to a coffee shop or going to a conference, I am able to keep up with their daily happenings. What a great resource.

Twitter is being used in many different ways. How are you using twitter?
Weigh in…

Do you agree or disagree with my statement about facebook and its future?
Weigh in…

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