Tweet or Die Part 3

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Guest post from my buddy Brennan…Check it out
And of Course if you haven’t checked out tweet or die pt 1 and 2 do that first.


Just reading that word after I type it brings a certain clarity to my mind.

For most of us, any form of the word simple brings about a weird sense of confusion.
“How can IT really be that simple?”

We are all creatures of habit, and I would venture a guess to say most of us at one time were attracted by something of a complex nature like a high school girl is attracted to drama and gossip. We like trying to understand something that only a small clique of people can understand or relate to in order to feel unique in our own microcosm of life. To feel some sort of identity in something that only a handful of people can relate to.

Take a moment and go look at the home page of myspace.

Pretty complex huh?
Did you even know what to look at when you looked at that page? Or did you feel a little sensory overload? “Click to see this hot new band, click on this to see the trailer for this movie…click on this link to find a promiscuous person to live chat with…” IT goes on and on and round and round to compete for your attention on websites like myspace and facebook in the hope that they will make money off of something that is so popular with the culture.

BUT(!) there is something to say about simple. There is a feeling that can be related to breathing a sigh of relief when you find something simple. Something that is easy to do. Easy to relate to. Something that is so simple everyone does it, even if for a moment. Everyone lives a life. Everyone lives and breathes…or they die.

Simple huh?
Actors do it, musicians do it, politicians do it, sport celebrities do it, your friends do it. They live.

They tweet. Or, they die.

You may laugh and say, “Okay, this guy is an idiot, Kyle why did you let him guest author a post on your blog? He just said everyone tweets or dies.”

Before you stop reading though, indulge yourself in a little abstract thinking.

Fact 1:
You live or you die. ‘nuff said.

You stop breathing, you stop living. Some may say that it is possible to exist without living, and that is true. My response to that is, while those people are (in my opinion) still alive and breathing, they are wasting their lives by not sharing it with someone or someones who care about and love them. Everyone should belong to a community. Some have found that in an online (and somewhat unrealistic) community such as: Facebook, Myspace, and; places where they find not only their friends but people who they wish they knew…long to know. A place where they can find a way to escape from reality.

Fact 2:
doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Most of us are under the assumption that the word identity means unique, set apart, different, etc… If you actually look the word up it’s origin comes from the latin word meaning “having the qualities of the same, the quality of being identical.” “root: idem, the same.”

So you’re probably thinking, where is this guy going. How is this about twitter?
Well, it’s simple really.
We all have some in common. In one huge way we are all identical…the same. We have a life that has been given to us. What we do with that life is where we can miss the mark…that is, how we can live or die while still breathing.

For that reason I tweet. I follow others. My friends. Musicians like Joel Houston or John Mayer. Pastors that I respect. People from Starbucks or Apple. They live. And they invite me to be a part of their lives by sharing ideas, personal thoughts, funny anecdotes, links, news, sad stories, pictures, videos.

They tweet.

They don’t die.

They live on in my life and I invite them to be a part of mine if I want to share a picture of the beautiful sunset I’m watching on my deck or of my friend making me go to the Hallmark store with him to get a thank you card though I’d rather poke my eyes out. I can share my life with you. My breaths. My thoughts.

Some may say that’s horribly needy and maybe egotistical to ask that of people who may not care at the moment, but I choose to think of it in another way. I want to be a part of a community of people who share their lives with one another, constantly encouraging each other to enjoy the breaths that God has given them by telling them to breathe. To love life. To love tears. To love beauty. To love the fact that we all live, even if for a brief moment. We share an identity with one another.

It’s simple.

Tweet or die.

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