Twitter and the Super Bowl

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

The super bowl is over and the Saints have surprised a lot of us. Not only was the biggest disappointment Peyton Mannings performance, but the commercials were a huge let down. It seemed that every commercial was reaching for a laugh. They were more concerned with being clever then they were telling you about their product. To put that all together I think these brands missed a major opportunity to do one of two things. First, connect with people online through talking about their twitter accounts. It would have literally taken 5 seconds at the end to say “come and chat with us on twitter” or “find other great deals on our twitter account.” Instead not mention of twitter or social networking. The Second thing that I think brands missed out on was the chance to do good with their money. These commercials that were terribly produced, that were reaching for laughs could have easily have taken that money, given it to Shaun King and let him do some good work in Haiti. Instead they tried to get you to buy a product. I can tell you now I would have thought more of coca cola if they would have done that then show a stupid commercial with the Simpsons.

Along with a great game I also had the privilege of watching the game with over 400 people. How you might ask? Through the wonderful world of twitter. This was a great experience. Not only did we discuss the game we also discussed commercials. It felt like we were in a giant room have one big fun conversation. Loved how it was very natural that we would all navigate to twitter and discuss what we were watching. I have seen this several times with conferences, award shows, and sometimes at church. I think this is a really cool thing that is happening. A chance for people to connect through a very simple tool. Maybe the church could learn a thing or two about that.

If you are like me and would like some more conversation about the commercials and the branding mistakes check out these links:
-Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the mistakes brands made here and here is an awesome site. Gives a twitter rank for all the brands
-watch all the super bowl commercials here

What was your reaction to the Game and the Commercials?


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  • Tyler Braun

    I wasn't too active on Twitter during the game. Everyone on Twitter was also watching the game so it just felt like too much overload to keep up and watch the game with those I was with. The problem social media has during huge events like this is that everyone has something they want to say about what is going on, but few want to converse about it. Plus it is hard to converse and engage with everything you need to be watching.

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