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Since my last post on this went over really well (not),
I have decided to fill you in on a couple of blogs
that I have been paying attention to for the last couple of months.

1) Shaun in the City
Great blog from a church planter in ATL (seems like all church leaders are in ATL).
He has some great insights and an incredible story of survival.
His last post is getting some big response and some criticism,
I love when there is disagreement.

2) Youth Ministry Geek
I have just discovered this blog thanks to my friend Nikomas (which by the way, he has a great post on the blogs he reads)
So far, the reason this blog has made the list is for this post.
This is going to save me a lot of time.

3) Diaries of an STL beer man
The title is probably enough for you to go and check it out,
but if you are not into beer (sorry) then you should
at least go and read about the stories.
This blog is a look at what it is like to be a beer vendor at Busch Stadium.
From the perspective of  my friend Josh Hunt,
the stories that you read each day are too good to make up. Good stuff

As always I like to mention my man Carlos Whittaker, aka loswhit. He has an awesome post about mike vick and grace.
You should check it out

Also check out my Dad’s network blog.
This is great for anyone in need of a counselor or psychologist.
It gives you about 25 names of Counselors/Psychologist
all over the St. Louis area that are licensed and Christian based.
Good resource for you or a friend, cause we all know we are messed up.

What is one Blog that you read that no one has heard of before?


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