“Unlikely Disciple” by Kevin Roose

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

“Who is Kevin Roose?”
“And why is he an unlikely disciple?”
This was going through my head as I started to thumb through a highly recommended book by several of my friends.
The book is described as “a sinner’s semester at America’s holiest University.”
Pretty good title, intriguing and at least worth me spending 20 minutes reading.

After about the first two chapters I realized that this book was way beyond intriguing.
To be honest I figured the book was about how crazy Christians are and how close
minded individuals are ruining this country (no argument there).
But after reading several chapters I realized that Kevin was not writing this book to expose the conservative right or the “homophobic” Christians who live in the bubble of Liberty University.
He was more concerned with finding out who they were as individuals before he judged their morality.

Kevin Roose takes on the challenge of attending Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell and discover the polar opposites of a conservative college compared to the very liberal University that he attended, Brown University.
Kevin quickly realizes that even though the people at Liberty are different in thought and belief than him they are not much different in personality and struggle. Kevin breaks through the walls of separation between liberals and conservatives and gives a great picture of both sides.

It is very interesting to read the end of the book and kind of see how things panned out.
Some might call it luck others might call it God, but Kevin was the last person to do a print interview with the controversial figure, Dr. Falwell.
Because of this, his article was reprinted and gained a lot of attention shortly after Dr. Falwell’s death.

This book is not about showing how one side is wrong, or the idea that it is “us vs them” battle, no this book is simple about a personal journey into a whole other life and how to make sense of it all.

I would highly recommend this book to all.
It gives a great perspective on religion, God, prayer, and  all the other stuff in between.
Some great questions were sprinkled in throughout the book that made you think about how you would answer or react to them.

I give this book 4 out of 5 CS Lewis (See grading scale here)

Great introduction to the book listen to an interview on NPR here with Kevin Roose
More info about Kevin Roose and his book go here
To purchase this book go here
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