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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

My Dad sent me this link today. It is a question to stump anti-abortion people. Here is the question:

If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions?

How would you respond?

Watch this video:

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  • Caitie

    I love how the grannie spoke on behalf of God.

    Love it…great video

  • Ryan P.

    While this is definitely a question that most anti-abortion people haven’t thought about, I don’t think that it is that difficult to answer. Think about it: Abortion would only ever be made illegal if it was decided that abortion was murder. So it seems like that punishment for having an illegal abortion would be comparable to the punishment we give to those who commit murder or who are accomplices to murder. Here’s another question: If abortion was illegal, what would happen to the doctor who performed the abortion?

  • Tyler

    I think this video was done in poor taste. The fact is that people who are against abortion aren’t necessarily bent on finding ways to punish those who have/perform abortions, but they want to protect the innocent. Usually these people are religious, but not always. You don’t have to be religious to believe that a person’s life isn’t valued solely on their mental or physical state of development – if that were the case why don’t we just destroy handicapped, elderly, and retarded people.

    However, from the religious standpoint they are right in wanting to protect the innocent. If you want to read about a seriously pissed off God, check out Amos and how God spoke about people who oppressed the innocent. I’m not surprised that the people in the video haven’t thought about legal punishment of those who participate in abortion. You’d probably get the same reaction from any group or organization trying to protect something that by their ideas is being mutilated by mankind and it’s crusade of making life as convenient as possible- such as environmentalists, vegetarians, etc.

  • Daniel Grove

    I believe the punishment should be the same as murder- or whatever one would get for murdering a child, because the baby inside is just a very young human.
    There may be a lot of people in the church in jail(I don’t see the relevance of relating it to church people) but if it were illegalized with penalty before they had there abortions perhaps they wouldn’t of had the abortion in the first place for fear of jail.
    And also about the doctor, what is someones punishment for euthanizing? Because it seems that an abortion practicing doctor should receive the same, or perhaps a murder charge.
    Penalty is what makes people respect law, even if they don’t agree- they don’t want the penalty.
    A child doesn’t respect a parents authority if the parent never follows through with discipline or if the parent has no discipline to begin with.
    I would hope that a penalty would lessen the number of occurrences.

  • asdfghjkl

    I think people need to make up their mind. Either it is legal or it's not, punished or not! These people don't even have an opinion?!?!?! If you are going to protest something atleast be able to say why.