“WE” is how we Win

chrisfenner // @kylereed

WE” is the most important thing your crew (volunteers) can hear from you, they need to hear that you are with them through thick and thin. It’s not “us” (the paid staff) and “them” (volunteers). There is no separation. It is all “WE

I heard Jeanette Stevens talk about this at Orange and recently it has dawned on me how this effects your volunteers.
I have been at my job as the TD for a year and people have been really positive in the changes that I have brought (not bragging, just stating the facts, lol). I really haven’t done much, but two things I have done:

1. Making sure my crew is informed.
2. Making sure they know that I’m fighting for them.

What other ways can it become WE instead of ME?


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Chris Fenner is a film maker, video editor, and a storyteller. He loves beautiful images and a clear message. He creates lasting films and videos. Currently a Tech Director and Media creator for Heritage Church.
  • http://www.calebgordon.com Caleb Gordon

    We have got to come to an understanding of true community. And I truly think, that the coming economic hardships are going to force this to happen…which is not a bad thing. The church might ACTUALLY have to become the church (crazy idea huh!)

    Stop this idea of “My stuff” and look at it from the standpoint of how can i help someone else.

    This is just me…

  • http://www.jasonvana.com Jason Vana

    One of the things I do in my ministry to take it from Me to We is to include my team in helping to cast vision and make decisions as to where we are going. There is more buy in that way. When they help come up with the direction, when they are involved in determining what the ministry will look like, they are more apt to make it their own, and be passionate about what we are doing.

    If it’s just me making the decisions, there will be resistance, but when I let them bring up their ideas and help shape the vision and direction of the ministry, it becomes WE, not me.