What are you afraid of?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Fears are in two things: Things that might fail and things that might work.

Which one scares you the most?

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • http://theperkinsblog.net Michael

    that might fail…

    I think it’s because of my desire not to suck and wanting things to work out.

  • http://www.annaparkerbrittain.wordpress.com anna

    I have a third choice: things I might miss out on.

    To me, failure is as much of an adventure as getting it right. What scares me is what in my life is possibly distracting me from what’s important, and what I’m possibly missing out on.

  • http://www.jcwert.com Jason

    Fail. I’ve had a pattern of failures and despite learning something from each one it’s just harder and harder to keep going each time.

  • http://acalledlife.blogspot.com/ Mindy

    A thought provoking question. I guess the things I fear the most (not getting married, being called to stay at my job and not move into a ministry career, that I won’t feel fully used by God until much much later in life, etc) would be classified by me as fail…even though I know God’s timing is perfect and that in Him I have nothing to fear. Ahh…the struggle.

  • http://mohan37.com mo

    Hah I’m definitely more fearful of failure. I want stuff to work!

  • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

    Can I say both?

    I guess not, if I do then I am in real trouble.

    I guess I will go with with fear of failure. Struggling to know that I could possible not do or be what I want to do or be.

  • http://gbrenna.com Graham

    I’m afraid of things that might fail. I hate to see something fail just because someone didn’t plan something well enough or there wasn’t enough fore-thought.