What day is today…today is inauguration day

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Well, like most history, it is here and gone and I really have nothing to say for it. I had an elaborate plan today. We were going to watch the inauguration in class today for a couple of reasons. First, selfishly I wanted to watch it myself, what better way then to get paid to watch what I want. Second, I wanted my students to witness this day in history. I remember when I was in High School (man do I sound old) and September 11th happened, I was in school and had no clue what was happening. All we got was an announcement over the speaker saying that apparently there was a terrost attack on the world trade centers. And that was it, ya I know. We had no internet, no television, all we had were radios. Now teachers started to turn these on, but after about an hour of that the administration decided to send out a notice to teachers telling them that they were not allowed to listen to the radio because it could scare the little kids. Third, this is a great day in history, and saddley a lot of my students don’t realize that and would rather make fun of Obama than appreciate this day.

So, I had my live fee ready to go, I had my class ready to go, I had my water ready to go…but wait, the internet was not ready to go. We proceeded to watch an hour of interrupted and glitchy video of Obama, so bad that I had to turn it off. Yes, indirectly Al Gore ruined my inauguration day.

Well, I had a back up plan. Instead we watched Martin Luther King Jr “I have a dream” Speech. I really enjoyed it, I don’t know if my students did.

I hope that everyone else enjoyed this day. I have not so far. I hope to watch the speech tomorrow. I have a lot of expectations and am really excited about the next four years.

How was your inauguration day?

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  • Ryan P.

    My Inauguration Day was great. I was glued to the TV. I’m not even exactly sure why I found it so interesting. I think my overall feeling for the day could best be described as ‘hopeful’. I’m not sure what to expect from this president, but I’m staying optimistic. I think it was just good for our country to have something to celebrate in a time when things aren’t looking so good.

  • The Nameless

    I was watching your class. 3rd Hour. MEN’s Bible. It was the seventh graders who decided to make fun of Obama, while most of the 8th graders were being mature and had real comments about it. I saw it. Don’t deny. The I Had a Dream speech was a great idea though. I also agree with you, your students(well, some of them) need to grow up a little and be mature about this stuff.