What I accomplished on my snow day(s)

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

After two glorious days of accomplishing a lot on my own and doing things that I want to do I have decided to reflect back and give you a little insight into why snow days are so glorious.


I woke up at 5am to get ready for Men’s Fraternity got to church at 6am and spent the next hour or so listening to what the true definition of manhood is (reject passivity). I called the lady that I was suppose to for our teacher snow chain (very awkward, she was still sleeping) and then I headed home to get some things done.

After eating some oatmeal, I fired up the computer and began my daily routine (more to come on this in another post). I read Solo and the bible and finished it off with a little Wide Awake by McManus. After that I started to work on my homework. I have finally starting my last class so that I can graduate from LCC. I read/worked/twittered/blogged/researched/listened to music/pondered until about 2. I finally emerged from my freezing room and went outside to play with the dog and the sister. We wrestled, I won and the dog ran away. I made some puppy chow ate dinner and watched American Idol and rejoiced when I got a text from my sister about how school was cancelled the next day.

Are you bored yet?


I woke up around 730, took a shower, and did the usually routine on the net/reading. Around 10am I went outside again with the dog and the sister and got lost in the woods. It was awesome and my sister almost missed her ride to basketball practice. I took another shower because I was cold. I got ready to go to lunch with D Mehrle, Nikomas and some students at Fridays. I said goodbye to my Grandmother (she had been in since Friday, I know) and then left for lunch. Got back home around 2, finished my homework. I went over to Andy Unnerstalls house for dinner and enjoyed some talking/eating. Came back to the house around 8 for Lost and then went to bed.

I tell you all of this to show you how awesome my last two days have been. It reminds me of my days in college/church. Getting to do work and not be interrupted was amazing. I needed these two days to recoup and reconnect with God.

So what did you do these last two days? Even if you didn’t have a snow day, what did you do?


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    Nikomas huh? I knew a guy named Nikomas up in Joliet. Wonder if it’s the same dude. Pretty unique name. He was a youth minister at the church that broke off from the church I was at. Small world?