What if FlashForward was a Reality?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

If you could flashforward your life…would you take the opportunity? There is this new show on TV called FlashForward. It is a good show with bad acting. It intrigued me at first and had a lost feel to the first episode. But after watching for a while, I realized the show was centered around the basic idea that if you knew what your life looked like in six months what would change? You get a chance to follow around different characters who all had different flashforwards that put them at different places in their life. Each week you watch as each character struggles to live with the reality of what their life will be. This show brings up a very interesting question for all of its viewers, do you want to see the future?

I always watch sports live.
There is just something about watching it while it is happening. Trust me, I have tried taping games before and watching them later. It never works. The main reason why I hate to watch a taped sporting event is because I find out the ending before I can watch the beginning. Being connected is a good thing, but trying to avoid finding out how a game ended is nearly impossible with twitter, radio, and television. If sports are not your thing, liken it to knowing the ending of a movie before you watch. It is like knowing the kid is dead in six sense before you ever watch, just not the same effect. The show FlashForward puts you in this dilemma, it ask you if you would like to know the future? This show is obviously not a reality. We have yet to black out for two minutes and fourteen seconds and we have not had visions of the future as real as reality. It just does not work like that. I wonder if that is an unfortunate thing or something we wish would happen?

If FlashForward was a reality what would you change? Would you change anything? Would you start living your life differently? Would it help you to see that what you are doing now will lead to something productive in six months? Honestly, it would really help me. I often get pretty discouraged over the idea of the future. That in six months I could be in the same place. That I could be back at the beginning and wasted six months of my life. If FlashForward was a reality I would be the first to sign up to see what the future holds. Thankfully, I am unable to flashforward anything. I am forced to live in present time unknowing what God has in store for me. And I think that is exactly where God wants us to be.

Knowing the future changes things. If you had a detailed plan of happiness you would follow exactly what it said. If you had a five step guide to living your best life you would buy that guide. But it never becomes that easy. Many times I think we have God figured out. We think we know exactly how He works and the way He operates only to be shown how mortal we really are.

I think the reason we do not get to flashforward in life is because God is teaching us something. If we knew what was going to happen and where we were going we would follow that path. We would lose the reliance on God to lead us and become autonomous creatures. Why would we need God? We know the future and how to get there. That is exactly why life never turns out how we imagined things. That is why life takes turns that you never could have planned, expected, or even predicted. That is why a flashforward reality is not a reality at all, it is a TV show with bad acting that gives you the hope that you can control your own destiny.

Interesting enough, we have had one flashforward. It doesn’t look like what you expect. No it is more revealed in a person. One that brings hope to the hurting and lost. Allow me to get spiritual on you here. We (including myself) are in constant search of some kind of glimpse into what the future holds when we miss the reality that the future has already been written. The future is recorded in word, in spirit, and in truth. We have had a flashforward and it involves a God that reigns over all of creation. Instead of living for the now, for the momentary flashforward of life, we should live for the future of being united with Christ.

“Don’t look at the now, look back and look ahead. You are not what you use to be but you are not what you will be.” -Darrin Patrick

Would life be easier if you could just flashforward?


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  • p.d.

    so i guess the fact that you posted on the show proves that they still got you, bad acting and all…

    i always like to say we don't live in a hypothetical world

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 Kyle Reed

      Ya they had me hooked for a little while. Until it just got old, now I can barely make it through one episode.
      It started out pretty good, first couple of episodes were good, then it got pretty bad.

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