What is a characteristic of an Influencer?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I really am interested in this question.

What is one characteristic or way to describe an influencer?

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • http://theperkinsblog.net Michael

    They one thing I admire is that they are not afraid to follow or chase what they are passionate about. They’re not concerned about the status-quo, they are concerned about chasing a dream.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      i think part of it is the tension that they feel inside, I think that drives them

  • http://www.abrahamchronicles.com Dustin

    I believe authenticity needs to be high on the list. Without it, how can it be lasting influence?

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed


  • http://www.bensayin.com Ben

    Transparency is a strong characteristic that helps connect, when you connect you relate, and when you can relate they will listen, and follow.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      interesting, I somewhat agree. But how authentic can you truly be?

      • http://www.bensayin.com Ben

        I wanted to use Authentic, but Dustin beat me to it… heh

        • http://www.abrahamchronicles.com Dustin


  • http://jonathanpearson.net Jonathan Pearson

    I have to say that it’s not being afraid of being different. The people that really influence others have something about them that they don’t really care what most people think, as long as they’re being themselves.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      yes, you have to be yourself and create art for yourself not others. I am really struggling to learn that.

  • http://www.jasonvana.com Jason Vana

    There’s a lot that goes into being an influencer, but I think the most important characteristics are in the area of relationship building (ie – being transparent, being genuine, caring more for people than for things, etc). Anyone can implement a new idea, but to have any lasting influence on others, they have to trust you.

  • Jeremy Chandler

    Visionary. I think influencers are incredibly good at looking into the future, defining the trends, & motivating others to follow their lead.
    Everyone is looking for the “next big thing”. Influencers are consistently better at finding it.

  • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

    Confidence. Nobody influences who doesn’t carry their life with confidence.

  • http://scarletcordm.com Kamrie

    An influencer holds their head in confidence. They choose to do something different when everyone else is the same. They stick out but only because they are bold rather than attention seeking

  • http://www.anidolheart.com Grant Jenkins

    Authentic, visionary and courageous.

  • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins

    Love this film.

  • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins

    Oh, and one characteristic of an influencer, in my opinion, is this: Someone who leads others, not through exercise of authority, but through persuasion of ideas.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      persuasion of ideas, i like it, not the word persuasion but what you are saying. You cannot lead through dictation

  • http://beingministry.com Paul

    The difference between what could be and what should be.

    • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins

      Isn’t that a Led Zeppelin song, Paul? ;)

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      thats an interesting thought

  • http://www.jordantwatson.com Jordan Watson

    Influential people see the beauty in the world, in people, and in life that nobody else can see. Then they have the courage to do the work it takes to reveal it to humanity. Their work is a gift and when it is given it sparks a movement of people chasing after this new beauty.

    Pretty nebulous but those are my thoughts on influential people and how influence moves, breathes, and works in our lives.

  • http://www.jordantwatson.com Jordan Watson

    I forgot my one characteristic. I think one characteristic is: A different set of eyes.