What To Do When Watching a Marathon

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Saturday I experienced something that I never want to experience again.
What could this aforementioned event be? A 7 hour (actually 6hr 53 minute) baseball game. That’s right, you read that correctly. The St Louis Cardinals and New York Mets played a 20 inning marathon that was one of the worst baseball games I have ever seen. Me being a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan was subjected to the life sucking marathon that was a “baseball game.”

Two things that I want to share with you after you click that little Continue Reading button:

Why Was it the Worst Baseball Game Every Played?

The biggest reason why this game was so bad was because the cardinals did not win. That is pretty obvious. But there could be some things that you might now have known.

  • The Game was almost seven hours long
  • I watched the whole thing
  • Both teams didn’t score a run until the 18th inning
  • The game featured 46 players, 35 strikeouts, 652 pitches
  • In 69 at-bats and 82 plate appearances over those 20 innings, the Cardinals scored one pathetic run.
  • Yadier Molina, Cardinals catcher, led off an inning 7 times. Why? Because Matt Holiday sucked that game. He was 0-5 with 3 strikeouts.
  • The Cardinals stranded 22 runners
  • In the 14th inning the cardinals had 1st and 3rd with no one out. They proceeded to do absolutely nothing and the Mets pitcher struck out the side to get out of the inning.
  • Jamie Garcia, who is a rookie pitcher, went 7 innings and had a no hitter through 5 innings. He should have gotten the win.
  • Did I mention I watched the whole thing

What I did during the Marathon

Seven hours is a very long time to sit in one place and watch a baseball. To be honest I didn’t sit in one place and watch the game. Instead I did a lot of things while I watched the game.

  • I wrote 3 blog post
  • Chatted on Skype with two friends
  • Chatted on twitter with friends
  • Watched two hockey games
  • Cooked Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on the grill
  • Cleaned my room
  • Cleared out my Google Reader
  • (side note: my parents went to church at 530 and got back at 830 and were able to watch the end of the game with me.)
  • Turned the TV off 5 times only to turn it back on with the hope that we would win the game this time

Unfortunately I will never get those 7 hours of my life back. Sure it was a Saturday afternoon, but man did I feel pathetic at about 10:45pm when the game ended. I know there were some friends on twitter that watched the entire game as well. I am sure they felt the same way. I read from one friend that his dad was at the game and left in the 11th inning drove two hours back home and was able to watch the end of the game at home.

Please help me not feel so pathetic. What is the longest you have ever watched some on Television?

This could be a sporting event. Maybe a season of 24 or your favorite lifetime marathon.

What is the longest amount of time consecutively you have watched something on TV?


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  • http://www.kelseymccracken.blogspot.com Kelsey

    That’s crazy! I was watching a Mariner’s game that night, and they kept talking about this game. I don’t think I could have watched the whole thing. I mean, seven hours?!
    And the longest I’ve ever watched T.V, I can’t think what it was specifically, but I’ve for sure spent a long weekend or two catching up on missed shows, back to back, all day. But it would have been more enjoyable and entertaining than watching a never-ending baseball game with no scoring.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      Good point. Nothing better then watching a show like Lost and being able to just go to the next episode instead of waiting for a week.
      I did that with Friday Night Lights Television series. Truly became addicted.

      • http://www.kelseymccracken.blogspot.com Kelsey

        Very true. I actually have four episodes of Lost to catch up on that I’d forgotten about!

  • Zac

    And this is why baseball is a snooze-fest. The only reason you should not feel pathetic is that you watched (apparently not with full attention) two hockey games. Playoff Hockey > any other sporting event… period. While this was not a TV watching experience, I have watched the entire Star Wars Original Trilogy (Episodes IV-V-VI) in one sitting. However, unlike baseball, which has many many many many many many many many (did I mention many?)dull moments, Star Wars delivers non-stop entertainment.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      So far the playoffs have been awesome. Have been watching on Versus and loving it. You are right, hockey is a great sport to watch, especially live.
      Who is your team?

      • Zac

        What is amazing is that every series started out 1-1! So there will be no sweeps and every game just about has come down to the last goal.

        My team is the Penguins… (note: being from Pittsburgh probably describes my dislike for baseball haha).

        • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

          Ya that would be brutal to be a Pirates fan, at least in the last decade.

          I am a big STL Blues guy, but have to pick a different team for the playoffs. I like Colorado a lot and Coyotes, probably because both of those teams are playing the two teams I hate the most, blackhawks and red wings.

  • http://tyhuze.wordpress.com Tyler

    I think the game would’ve been a little more fun if we could implement a few of my “change baseball for the good of entertainment” ideas. :)

    I was laughing at this post, btw. funny stuff.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      That would have turned this game into 3 hours instead of 7.
      At least if they followed your ideas.

  • http://bondchristian.com/ bondChristian

    Funny, I went to a game last Friday that was pretty lame. In the end (nine innings), though, we lost, 3-0. I’ve watched a few games that went extra crazy innings without any scores, but 20 is insane. You’re a die-hard fan, Kyle.

    The longest I’ve watched anything…

    Third place: Star Wars marathon

    Second place: 24 on DVD… almost an entire season

    First place (not me): some friends of mine took a road trip and watched all three extended versions back to back of the Lord of the Rings series (<<this wasn't the first they'd seen them all). Then they did it again on the way back. (It's ONLY 11 or so hours one way but doing it again a few days later is ridiculous.)

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      Wow, that is way to much LOTR’s for me.

  • http://poetrybyandy.blogspot.com/ Andy Rhea

    i can identify. i was hooked on Heroes season 1 and 2 and became a hermit for like a week two summers ago.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      I was the same way with season 1

  • http://christybaggett.wordpress.com/ Christy

    I watched a college baseball game last weekend that went 6.5 hours and 16 innings. I left after 3.5 hours and 10 innings while the score was still 1-1 then listened to the rest of it on the radio. Slow baseball games can be rough.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      Now that is devotion, a college baseball game. i don’t think I could do that.

      • http://christybaggett.wordpress.com/ Christy

        Probably why it’s the first one I’ve been to while a student…

  • Kate

    If it makes you feel any better, I watched it too. I did some stuff during, but I just kept thinking that if I turned it off, it would be that moment when the Cards made some magical, historic play and I would miss it. Instead, I just watched them stink for 7 hours. Awesome.

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com Kyle Reed

      I was the exact way, didn’t want to miss anything so I just sat there and watched. I guess we are the suckers

      • Kate

        Suckers? Or the truest fans? I’m going with the latter, haha.