When a Post Explodes

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Did you know that blog post can explode?
Seriously, I have seen it happen on this blog and several other blogs. Yesterday I was perusing the blog world and found a post by Tyler Braun at manofdepravity.com that did indeed explode. In the beginning Tyler had very simple intentions….say a few things about twitter that bother him and then move on. In the end it turned into an 80 comment conversation. How did this happen? Continue reading.

Everyone loves a little controversy. The post that is in hot contention was entitled: “The Demise of Social Media” (it can be found here). It was a attention grabbing headline that immediately created tension and forced you to read more to find out who was crazy enough to say that twitter had any flaws. Tyler laid out 3 things that bothered him about twitter, 1) Follow Friday 2) Porn adds 3) Using twitter to get numbers. All three of these were great points. He brought about attention to things that bothered him as well as the reason as to why it bothered him. Using examples, pictures, and reasons why these things were leading to twitters demise was good, but it actually backfired on him. He did the respectful thing of not mentioning any names and going as far as blacking out the names of the twitter users he used as example, but in all reality, with a little digging people were able to know exactly who he was talking about.

I have done this before, said something with good intentions only to see it turn into something that I never wanted to happen. We have all done this before. Whether it be a post on a blog or a conversation with a friend, it is easy to say things that you did not mean, having them turn into a problem is not the intention, but very quickly the feeling of the walls closing in on you becomes a reality. The hard thing about the blog world is the inability to see the body language of the words. Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the conversation and Body language accounts for 55%. Ya, I was surprised at that as well. Unfortunately, we were unable to see the body language and tone of voice for the post or the comments that followed the post.

The beauty of twitter is that it is defined in so many different ways by different people. People use twitter the way they see fit. I think this was what struck a cord with so many people. Whenever you tell someone that what they are doing is wrong they tend to push back. It would be like me telling you that Jesus uses FireFox and the Devil uses Internet Explorer. If you use internet explorer I just called you the devil, you might not like that. As well, when you tell someone they have no balls for calling someone out might get a little heated as well. This was what took place (minus the IE and FF stuff) in the comment section of the blog.
Tension+Touchy Subjects=Explosion

I won’t rehash the whole conversation for you. Ultimately, things were brought up, talked about, and then handled appropriately (they hugged it out, figuratively of course). What I learned from the comment section and the post is that people have opinions(go figure), opinions about everything. They believe strongly about things. Tyler is convinced that the example of Follow Friday that he gave in his post is manipulation to gain more followers and others believe that it is a great way to get their name out there as well as help others who do not have 33,000 followers. Once again this is all opinion, and that is the beauty of it all, we have opinions and can think for ourselves. Tyler brought up some great points that might have got lost in the post because some people got caught up in other things he said (see number two, pastors and porn adds). It goes to show that choosing your words wisely is important and valuable.

How would you have handled the replies? How woudl you reply to Tyler’s comments?
Do you think there is an etiquette for blogging and twitter?

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  • http://tyhuze.wordpress.com tyler

    I like the part where Eugene Cho believes his comment (#3) is responsible for the flood of commenting rather than the content of the blog itself. He's like a wanna be troll…believing his off-topic comment has swayed the discussion away from the original thought.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/klreed189 klreed189

      Ya I do not know what that is all about. His comment had nothing to do with anything else that was talked about. the only other time someone reffered to it later on was himself.

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