When Is Anything Worth Everything?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This is a guest post from Stephen Brewster that centers around this image. After tweeting this out on Monday, I realized that we needed to unpack this a bit more. I asked Brewster to post today so that we can take this quote beyond a tweet and beyond a piece of paper and into a discussion.
Stephen Brewster is the Creative Arts Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville TN. He post daily on his site stephenbrewster.me where his main focus is creativity and the church. He is the most creative guy I know and has been a constant source of encouragement to me and my dreams. He is the type of guy you want in your corner when you are setting out to tackle your dreams.
Do me a favor and follow him on twitter and then read the post below.

In our 20’s, our passions drive us. We believe that anything is possible.
That belief is very true…ANYTHING is possible. The question is are we ready to pay the cost for ANYTHING?

Is ANYTHING worth EVERYTHING to us. Achieving the destiny God has for your life is an admirable goal and a great statement for a college bible study, but have we weighed the cost of ANYTHING? ANYTHING requires a different approach. It requires sacrifice. ANYTHING is uncommon. If we are going to go out attempting to achieve ANYTHING, we have to realize we can’t just be anyone (or with anyone for that matter). ANYTHING requires focus. It requires practice, patience, and the removal of an entitled mentality. Very few people ever get in to the ANYTHING game because the buy-in requires more than what most people are comfortable paying. ANYTHING takes time because we have to start from nowhere.

The education required to achieve ANYTHING is not for the faint of heart. It creates scars, bruises, and wounds that cut deep.

The funny thing about ANYTHING is that everyone is waiting for it. Those who have paid the cost before are cheering you on. Those who are not yet where you are look at you to pioneer. ANYTHING is special…it’s magical…it’s really hard work. And we need you to prove that ANYTHING can still be done and inspire others to achieve it. ANYTHING is in you. It’s beating loud in your chest at night. It’s wanting you to fight for it like you fight for acceptance or honor or freedom. We need you to go out and chase your ANYTHING because your 20’s provide the opportunity for ANYTHING to happen.

How can we go after ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?


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  • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

    Love this Stephen. Thanks for sharing. I’m really believing this and trying to step into my ANYTHING. Love that Ira Glass quote, too.