Why Mizzou is going to the Final Four

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I have been working on my bracket, and have been listening to the experts. And the first team that I have moved into the final four is…..MIZZOU. Call me a homer, call me crazy, or call me a genius, I have put my hometown team in the final four for a couple of reasons, here is why:
1) They are in the best region “to do work” They are in the West region. The number one seed in this region is Connecticut, who I think is overrated and Mizzou will beat. Refer to number 3 to see why.
2) Even though they are ranked number 3, they are the underdog. I always like cheering for the underdog, and usually they rise to the challenge. As soon as Mizzou beats Cornell, they immediately play Marquette. To me, people will probably pick Marquette over Mizzou. If (when) they win that game they will most likely have to play Memphis (number 2 seed). Most experts have Memphis in the final four, this expert has Mizzou upsetting them and heading into a big match up with Connecticut.
3) They press the whole game. This alone is the reason why I think that Mizzou can beat Memphis and Connecticut. Mizzou has a deep bench, they have athletic big guys (Carrol and Lyons) and they have good defensive guards. Mizzou is a second half team, mainly because the team they are playing is tired and Mizzou is just getting into stride. They play Marquette in the second round. Marquette will not have a lot of time to prepare for their press, will be tired, and will struggle handeling the ball. Memphis will have more time to prepare, but have not been tested (in my mind) this year inside Conference USA. They then go on to play a battered and tired big east team, Connecticut. Sure, Thabeit will block some shots, but Mizzou will outrun them and bring home the victory, 58-54.

Those are my reasons and my thoughts.

Who do you think will be in the final four?


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  • O

    And let me guess, you have Illinois losing to Western Kentucky or Gonzaga?? Even though they demolished your vastly overrated Missouri. I actually picked Missouri to make it a few rounds, but only becuase Utah St. will beat Marquette and Memphis, like Mizzou, is way overrated.

    You should come hang out this weekend.

  • kylereed

    I do have Illinois losing to W Kentucky because of Chester Frazer being out. If they don’t to W Kentucky then they will to Gonzaga.
    I can’t come up this weekend because I am leaving for vacation to Hawaii for the week. Sorry