Windows Gives Me a New Perspective

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Cannot believe I am saying this, but Windows has impressed me with this creative ad.

Watch first then I want your immediate reaction below in the comment stream here.

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Peter P

    That’s an incredibly creative ad.

    Genius writing. I was left wondering how log it took to come up with the concept and then write the script.

    Unfortunately, I already have a tarnished view of Windows which clouds my judgement as to the validity of their message but it seems like it would be pretty convincing to people.

    Interestingly, I really didn’t mention just HOW it’s bold claims can be achieved, how much new hardware you would have to buy or anything but that might be the genius of it.

    Instead of people going to the store and saying they want to buy a PC, they can go saying they want to buy one of those Windoes complete solution things

    • Kyle Reed

      ya, everything abou the ad was very clever and well thought out. But as you say, i am already tainted by anything PC or windows. But i will hand it to them that they have a good ad.

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  • Jay

    Their ads have been done really well lately.

    AND….Windows 7 is an excellent operating system. I say as somebody that owns both a Mac and a Windows based notebook.

    • Kyle Reed

      about time they do something well :)

  • Brennan Loveless

    yea, i actually saw this exact idea on a church video about 6 months- a year ago…might be the first sort of thing a big compnay actually stole from a church…who knows.

    • Kyle Reed

      its super creative. Wish I was that creative to think this up

  • caleb

    it still doesnt make me want to buy anything windows related….cool ad however

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly. I think it is a little to late

  • David

    it’s all about perspective. I suppose that’s why from my perspective it’s a superior ad from an inferior design…

    • Kyle Reed

      well said

  • Mindy

    Impressive indeed!
    I love that last quote…in order to change reality sometime you only need to change your perspective. Great reminder!

    • Kyle Reed

      yes indeed that is. Good quote indeed.

  • Brad Moss

    Saw this same sort of at Creative Church Conference 3 years ago. It’s called Upside Down Christmas check it out on Vimeo

    • Kyle Reed

      will do. you got a link? I am lazy

  • Katie

    my immediate reaction has nothing to do with the fact that it is an ad for windows.

    is it creative? yes. have i seen it done before? yes. (exhibit A

    and the last line at first impressed me…but on second thought…i don’t think reality changes, it is what it is despite our perspective…it is only our perception of reality that changes with perspective

    • Kyle Reed

      great point.
      once our perception changes reality goes with it.

  • ryan weiss

    This type of script started about five years ago. This is nothing new. Go iMac.

    • Kyle Reed

      well at least they are trying

  • Dave ©

    Pace did this at Fellowship Church in 2008. Here’s the link:

    As for the ad, IMO it’s good because it’s effective. I don’t personally care if it’s been done before as long as it’s done well, which this was.

    Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. Apple will fall one day as well. Adobe is kicking it’s rear in professional apps and all Steve keeps saying is, “Just wait! The next version of Final Cut is gonna be AWESOME!” We’re waiting…

    • Kyle Reed

      true, so will twitter and facebook.
      And really if you look at it, everything is recycled material.
      They did this commercial well, even if they stole it.

  • Shelby

    Yeah my first thought was “i’ve seen this before”… so I wasn’t super impressed.

    • Kyle Reed

      well i hadn’t seen it and probably the main reason I was impressed :)