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Seeing that today is September 11th and all the emotion that comes with that date I couldn’t help but blog about the events that took place 8 years ago today.
I was a sophomore in high school, and much like this guy I was in class, actually it was history class. The events that were announced over the intercom that day changed the world forever, but at the time I did not realize that history was being made that day and people would be learning about this day in history class 20 years from now (kind of ironic).

There are all kinds of emotions that center around 9/11. Emotions of hate and anger, emotions of sadness and fear. But also the emotion of pride and patriotism. What made 9/11 a victory for America was the uniting that took place after the tragic events of the day. People were joined together not by race or creed, but by the simple idea that we were all in this together and were there for each other. What a beautiful picture that was painted. Inside of tragedy people found themselves united in brotherly love that can only come from tragedy.

I was reading in Joel this morning (chapter 1) and realized that God was calling for a repentance of the nation, not just the individual. We as Americans love the idea of focusing on personal repentance, owning up to our own sins and confessing our sins to God. But the buck stops there, we usually do not take the blame for others sins. Usually we worry about ourselves and leave it at that.

God called for something different, something foreign to us. He called for the whole nation to repent. Not just one person, but everyone. I started writing down the sins of the community, then the church, then of a country, then of the world. Weird I know, but what stuck out to me the most was that through these sins we were all connected in this time of confession. We all stand under the umbrella of sin, under the idea that not one of us is perfect and free from death and punishment.

If only we could understand that it is not we Americans or Europeans, but we the World. We are all joined together under the commonality that we are sinners. Yes, because we are sinners bad things are going to happen. Brothers are going to kill brothers, people are going to run planes into buildings and kids are going to starve to death. Yet we are all capable of these great atrocities, we are sinner united under the umbrella of the world and of sin.

You do not hear much about September the 12th or 13th, but these were the days that Americans realized that we were all joined together united by the patriotism of  America. The sad thing is these days are not celebrated, partially because this is no longer a reality. Now we are divided not united by political party, or religious belief, forgetting that we are united under the umbrella of sin that covers all men, we look to each other as enemies and not brothers. Forgetting that we are all in need of a Savior that did not come for America (sorry all you republican crazies that think Jesus only cares for your party) but came for the whole world.

I don’t need to go all John 3:16 on you here, but remember today that we are joined together. A world of sinners trying to follow a perfect God and live under the umbrella of grace.

Let’s remember September 11th 2001 but lets also remember the day that changed everything for the world. The day that the veil was torn and Grace was shown to the entire world.


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