that is all that comes to my mind when i hear the incredible music of shane and shane. i have seen these guys in concert now 4 times and ever time i am amazed at their ability to sing and play. often times i become envious of them and wish that i was remotely as good at something as they are at the guitar and singing. another thing that truly amazed me last night was how they fill their songs with scripture. lately i have really been trying to pay attention to the words of songs and the meaning of the songs. there a couple of songs that have been sticking out in my mind. one is “you said.” i love the chorus on this song: “ask and i will give the nations to you o Lord that is the cry of my heart.” i love this. another couple of songs that get me are the songs off of their most recently completed album “clean.” i love how you can see the certain times in their lives that they were going through when they wrote the songs for this cd. a lot of the songs talk about the struggles that are going on inside with the understanding of God’s grace and how they were unworthy of receiving the gift of grace. for me this plays out the battle that goes on in my life everyday. another cd that is among my favorites is psalms. what a beautifully written cd. no i am not that dumb that i think that they wrote the cd. to me this a great way of bringing the scriptures alive and really understand what they are saying. so many times when i go to read them i rush through them and don’t give proper thought to them, but with these songs it helps me to really see these scriptures off of the pages so to say. i don’t know if anyone understands what i am saying i really am just rambling on about what i have been experiencing lately.
needless to say shane and shane are amazing musicians who have been blessed by God and are truly ministering through many with song.
by the way, shane and shane are releasing a dvd. check that out on their website.

here is a link to all the songs:

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  • Mandy

    why is it that we keep getting junk comments on our blogs? anyways, i’m SOOOO jealous that you got to go see Shane & Shane, two of my most favorite people. I love worshiping w/ them in person…they truly have a gift that God uses to move people in big ways.

  • Studio 309 Productions

    shane and shane rock! you know, if it wasn’t for me telling you about the concert, you never would have gone. too bad i wasn’t able to go. maybe next time they’re in st. louis (which will probably be a year from now). oh, well.