You Can Do Anything You Want, But First Read This

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

You know what is sexy? Dreaming.

That seems to be the sexy buzz word these days. Having big dreams that you hope to one day fulfill. You read the books, go to the conferences, and even blog about your dreams.
It seems to be a buzz word because people are making money talking about dreaming.

We now have coaches who help make dreams come true, blogs that teach you how to dream, and conversations that center around who has the bigger dream. Dreams are sexy.

You know what isn’t sexy? Working.

That is right, working on your dream is not sexy at all. It takes time, effort, energy, dealing with failure, money, frustraton, and even heartache. Working on your dream is not as fun as talking about your dream.

But here is something I believe. You can accomplish any dream you want.


First you have to know who you are.

Sometimes we get caught up in dreaming, but we never start by first evaluating our strengths, gifts, and promptings to see what we should be dreaming about.

Sometimes we have to open up our eyes to who we are before we can start dreaming about who we want to be.



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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Caleb Gordon


    Great thought my friend! Keep it coming!!! We need to hear this!!!

    • Kyle Reed

      yup, i have to tell myself this daily.

  • Matthew Snider

    Great stuff brother, love the idea of working hard for it and failing. Dream bigger and more and the work becomes part of the awesomeness!

    • Kyle Reed

      I think that is the difficulty, coming to grips with knowing that it is ok to fail

  • dustin

    Exactly. Putting in the work and hustling to get where you need to be is so underrated. Good stuff my man.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes it is. But when discovered it is the best part. Because once you complete it there is a great sense of accomplishment for the hard work you did.

  • Michael Perkins

    Starting is such a huge thing. I’ve bee guilty of this. Dream big dreams. Pray big prayers. But fail to start. Excellent stuff my friend.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, starting is huge. Making that dream a reality has to start somewhere. Figuring that out is the hardest part.

  • Allison

    I dreamt about zombies taking over my town last night, and i was trying to organize a group of the uninfected to get out of town…

    But in all seriousness, excellent point. Do you have any suggestions about how to evaluate our strengths? How did you discover (or how are you continuing to discover) your gifts and promptings?

    • Kyle Reed

      that is a great question and I still don’t know if I have total clarity about this. But one thing that helped me was taking the strength finders test. That helped me realize some things that I thought were my strengths and see them in writing.

      I think another thing is finding a couple of people that will be very honest with you and tell you what they see your strengths and weaknesses are. That always helps

  • Stephen Lynch

    Great post man. Makes me think about the idea of sharing ALL of your ideas. When we know who we are (and when you’re dreaming big enough), we realize we aren’t capable of accomplishing everything our hearts desire.

    So not only share your best ideas, but share them with someone who can do something with them. If your ideas are for good, then it doesn’t matter who gets credit, right?

    • Kyle Reed

      true, as long as you get paid :) kidding, sort of.

      No you are right, there has to be a willingness to share because you believe in what you are doing not because you want credit or fame. It comes because you believe in your ideas

  • Brian Notess

    I’ve heard someone say (and I’m probably destroying the quote) that dreams/vision goes in waves. You start excited and energized about something you want to accomplish and then some time in the middle of the execution your energy and excitement drops to almost nothing.

    I’m hoping to work through those “valleys of insight” (failures) because I know on the other side is the satisfaction of executing on a vision.

    I’m hoping to get there some day.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well whoever said that knows what they are talking about.
      That has to be the hardest part, dealing with the rollercoaster of dreams and life.
      Fighting through that makes whatever success you have even better.

  • dubdynomite

    Good stuff.

    Have you read Jon Acuff’s new book ‘Quitter’ yet? A lot of what you said here goes along the same lines of his book.

    It’s a great read.

    • Kyle Reed

      i plan on it. Definitely seems to be a great read

  • Lexi MacKinnon

    Great wisdom and truth here Kyle! It’s so easy to talk and talk and talk about a dream… but to actually go after it while being serious about your strengths and limitations is what takes real courage! LOVE IT! =D

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly, knowing what those are is the first step

  • Jason Vana

    Great thoughts here bud. I know I’ve been guilty myself of dreaming big dreams but not doing anything to actually see them come to pass. Or I do see my weaknesses and think I couldn’t do it anyway.

    I think it takes a good dose of knowing who we are and knowing who He is and how He can work through our weaknesses to do amazing things.

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly, knowing who he is. absolutely right

  • ThatGuyKC

    Awesome post, Kyle.
    Love the comparison of dreaming vs work and how the former cannot be realized without the latter.

    Dream big then go DO it.

    • Kyle Reed

      yup, its easy to dream not easy to work

  • Jonathan Pearson

    Great stuff. Agree 100%. It’s easy to dream. It’s tough to plan and do!

    • Kyle Reed

      thanks Jonathan, it is so tough to plan and do, but very important

  • Eileen

    Great post. Fear held me back for years. But realizing our dreams takes action. We don’t grow until we are willing to take the risk of failing.

    • Kyle Reed

      exactly, glad fear is not holding you down but pushing you further

  • Jonathan Sigmon

    Great post. Great reminder. Thanks Kyle.