You Must Share Your Idea With Us

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Have you ever found yourself full of ideas but not full of follow through? It seems like it is much easier to have ideas then to have execution. After hearing several people tell me that they had thought about doing something like I decided to record some thoughts on ideas and follow through.

you might be missing this video if you are reading this in google reader. see it here

As simple as it sounds to share an idea, it is possibly one of the hardest things. It is dangerous, scary, and often filled with the unknown.

Will it make sense? Will others think it is stupid? Can I do it? Will it work?
These are just a couple of questions that might surround your ideas. Each question is real and honest, but often times these are the exact questions that hold us back from ever turning that idea or dream into a reality.

I would love for you to take up the challenge.
Share your idea here with us today.

We will not steal it, in fact we will encourage you and maybe even help refine and resource your idea.

The Challenge

Share an idea you have and 2 to 3 steps you are taking to make the idea a reality.

Ready Set Go….


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Shelby

    Haven’t watched the video yet, gotta find my headphones so i don’t disturb by grandparents.
    But I feel like I have all kinds of ideas in my head, but i can never get them from my head to the rest of the world, like there’s something missing between my brain and my mouth/hand that won’t let me express my ideas.
    Its a weird feeling.

  • Michael

    As I watch the video, I cannot help but think of what my grandmother always told me. “Faith is believing with legs on it.” If you have an idea put some legs on it and go. I love this concept man.

    Regarding an idea, I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a book that deals with insecurity, fears, and how to deal with them. The project is called, “I Think I Suck.” It has been a crazy process so far.

    • Kyle Reed

      wow, love it.
      So what are some steps you are taking now to be intentional about completing this book?

      • Michael

        I started with a question on my blog.

        I then narrowed down what everyone was saying into a few categories. Then I built an outline using some of my handwritten stuff as a way to introduce each chapter.

        My goal has been 500 words a day, but it’s closer to 250-300. Hopefully, I am done by July.

  • Jenny

    I love this, and Im not going to lie- i laughed when I saw Jack. :)

    My hope is to love people well. My dream would be to start a revolution of authentic faith, of surrender, and that’s void of the bitterness many of us have towards church. What God’s been putting on my heart lately is a vision to study different groups, especially minority groups in the christian faith- so spend time worshipping in “black churches” and “latina churches” and asian churches, to study how culture influences how they are worshipping and to ignite a passion in those groups to unify- through this i see cities, states, countries joining together- i see churches becoming multi-generational, and really reaching the nations for God’s glory. I also see the church in america being more authentic and less white republican living out a crappy sitcom.
    My steps: I just started a blog that is about letting go of the bitterness we carry as twenty-somethings due to the syndicated church culture in america. haha. I haven’t blogged much but God’s doing on a work on me in that area. Expect more blogs soon. haha.

    I am also serving minorities in my community. In the spring i will be helping lead another apartment church. Working with the poor, and minority groups in my city while learning how they worship, and the cultural side of their church upbringing through I hope discussion once relationships are built.

    I am also studying spanish, its rough but it’s a start. One of the great desires of my heart is to learn spanish so i can preach, and teach and write in it- so i can reach “my people” haha.

    I have more dreams, more steps. I lay awake at night dreaming these things. It’s facing obstacles that makes it so hard. :)

  • adie gateley

    ok, Im a little late on this, but i love the topic…i’m making my way through the crowd to shoot for National Geographic:

    Step#1 learn how to shoot! check
    Step#2 talk to photographers from NatGeo and ask creative questions. check
    Step#3 use their knowledge base to jump off from (example: I found out that they don’t invest into anyone that doesn’t have photojournalism experience). check
    Step#4 apply to local newspapers and magazines to get that experience. in progress
    Step#5 intern and learn! that is the future, unless you guys have a better #5 idea?

    No matter what we are dreaming for, we gotta really want it…
    thanks for reading