You Need To Stop Dreaming

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Its easy to be a dreamer, everyone is a dreamer, but being a doer is a lot harder.

For a long time I described myself as a Connector.Blogger.Dreamer


But after some thought and some conversation, I realized that I was doing a lot more dreaming then doing.

I do not want to be described as someone who dreamed up a lot of ideas, but as someone who did a lot ideas.

Be a doer not a dreamer.


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Kyle Reed

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Kyle Reed is a connector looking to connect with others. A 20 Something that is blogging his way through life and looking to connect through community. Also a team member of the 8BIT Network and brand evangelist. Find me on twitter: @kylelreed, lets chat.
  • Tom

    I think that dreaming is fine – it’s necessary – but, like you’ve mentioned, if that’s all you do, then you’re missing out.

    Act on some of ’em ;).

    • Kyle Reed

      definitely necessary, but not something I want to be described as

  • Michael

    Very good thoughts, Kyle. If that’s all we do, then it becomes an idol.

    My thoughts recently were similar, but not so much. I want to be and not do.

    Good stuff as usual.

    • Kyle Reed

      Great line, be and not do. Its easy to be a dreamer, but hard to act

      • Michael

        You are 100% correct.

  • Brett Barner

    I just watched Extraordinary Measures last night (Na’s Netflix pick), and it’s passed on a true story of a scientist (Played by Han Solo/Indiana Jones) who was light years beyond everyone else with his theories, however he never put them into practice.

    He got called out by his business partner (played by George of the Jungle) to push him to go to clinical tests with a drug that can help his kids,says something along the line of, “Sure keep helping people in theory, and never help a single person in reality”

    It was a good line. Made me think.

    • Kyle Reed

      I have seen that movie (and I love the running commentary you just gave with characters) and yes that is a great line that is inspiring.

  • John (8BIT)

    the dreamer dies with regret. the doer dies of exhaustion.

    a good mix of the two is necessary… but i think the world has far too many of the former and needs more of the latter.

    • Kyle Reed

      Great quote mr 3rror.
      I got this idea from you. I remember standing in the middle of North Points campus and you saying that we need more doers and less dreamers.

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  • Casey


    i find myself “dreaming” alot too…time to start taking action!

    • Kyle Reed

      You might be taking action here shortly with a big move :) right

  • laura elizabeth

    After our short Twitter convo today, I had to evualate what I’m spending my time acually ‘doing’. To be honest about it, most of my time is spent on, well, me. I don’t remember always being like that but I should change it. Thanks for the spirit check. :) Keep on dreaming and doing….I think you’re great at both.

    • Kyle Reed

      Well you hold me accountable to this. I think this is good for everyone