Your Life is a Book

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Your life is a book or to be trendy we can call it a story. Inside this book or story there are chapters, you find each chapter or sections of your life in different stages and experiences. You could have just completed chapter 2, finishing college, or maybe you are in the middle of a chapter. Wherever you are, you are writing a story.

The greatest thing about books is the ability to look back at chapters that you have completed. Knowing that each chapter builds upon itself and that you can continue to reflect back on what you have read or wrote. Your life is filled with chapters that you have written and can look back on and see where you have come from. These chapters have been filled with joy, pain, confusion, excitement and fear. But most importantly these chapter in your story are who you are.

Right now I am moving on to my next chapter. Pretty exciting huh? Its easy for me to miss chapters of my life. They go by so fast that before I know it I am writing the epilogue to my story. Reflecting back over the last 23 years I have realized that each chapter has been woven together in ways that I did not foresee in chapter one or two. A lot of the time, I had nothing to do with this process. I was just the main character that was inside of the story.

Right now my story is getting good. Conflict has been introduced. A desire of wanting something has entered the picture. Like any good book I have no clue where the book is going and how it will end, all I know is that my life is a story and I want to write and live a good story.

What part of the story (your life) are you on?


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Kyle Reed

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  • Shelby

    I’m in the just finishing my first year of college, figuring out what i’m wanting to study and do with the rest of my life chapter.

    • Kyle Reed

      I am in the stage of just finishing college but trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life stage as well.

      • Shelby

        I don’t like being in this stage, but I just gotta have faith.
        I like your new layout i like the red a lot

        • Kyle Reed

          It is very tough stage. You want things to speed up, but yet slow down because they are moving to fast. Its a crazy time.

          • Shelby

            It is a crazy time, i feel like i’m going crazy sometimes.

  • Aaron Shaver

    “Like any good book I have no clue where the book is going and how it will end, all I know is that my life is a story and I want to write and live a good story.”

    I like that a lot. You have an attitude that considers comfortand/or happy endings to be…cheap or, at the very least, over rated.

    I like it.

    • Kyle Reed

      Thanks man. Appreciate that.

  • patricia

    i would say…that if my book we’re all about seasons… i am now leaving winter and heading to spring.

    the adventures and stories have already begun…there have been pain, joys, trials, defeats and victories… but i do know that the best is yet to come.

    i wrote something about my life being a book a few days ago: just wanted to share it with you =] (beware my blog is on blogger though ;) LOL)

    • Kyle Reed

      hahaha, no biggy.
      I will check that out and yes I feel the same way, leaving winter and hopeful for spring.

  • Josh

    My story seems to be getting to a place where things start to pick up. I’m hopeful for that.

  • Kelsey

    I do feel that the next part of my life has started, or at least that God is preparing me for it. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time!

    • Kyle Reed

      Thats a good place to be

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  • Stephanie

    You know the part of the book where you just can’t put it down because you feel like you are so close to a big revelation? That’s where I’m at in life. God has been building and growing excitement in me for what is coming next. I feel like I’m on the brink. I’m just trying to learn to be patient in turning the pages.

    • Kyle Reed

      That is the best, the excitement is almost overwhelming at times right? The hard part to is that you hear people talk about the future and now you just have to wait, the very worst.

      • Stephanie

        The excitement can definitely be overwhelming! And you’re right… listening to everyone else talk about the future can feel like I’m standing still while the world rushes past me.

  • Christy

    I was reading this while listening to Matthew West’s “History” and part of it goes along perfectly with your post:

    Would you believe that you are history in the making, in the making?
    Every choice that you are making
    Every step that you are taking
    Every chain that you are breaking
    History is in the making

    Anyway, just thought it was a funny coincidence.

    I’m in a similar stage – trying to figure out what to do with my life after college and learning how use my gifts in ways that are glorifying to God.

    • Kyle Reed

      Perfect Christy, great thoughts and correlation there. Thanks for sharing that, I am going to go and listen to that song.

  • Laura

    I LOVE this post. I’m going to link to this, I hope its ok. :)

    I just closed a chapter, one that I didn’t want to, but had to anyway. And this new chapter is even better than the last one. I’m so excited for the last couple chapters where everything comes together.

    • Kyle Reed

      That would be great, would love that.

  • Kamrie

    I am a combo chapter. I am absorbing knowledge, having a awesome passage and praising God as I go. Hopefully, I am living life to the fullest and making the most out of each chapter.

    • Kyle Reed

      Kamrie, your book is very exciting and going to be awesome. Excited to watch it unfold.

  • Brett Barner

    Good post, Kyle! It’s weird, because I kind of just wrote about something similar to this:

    So are you going to share what this chapter is about anytime soon? :)

    • Kyle Reed

      Must be theme that we are dealing with.
      And yes, one day I will share that chapter, honestly the pages are blank right now.